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I don’t know about you, but as a busy work-at-home mom of three, it seems like the kids are always hungry for dinner before I get a chance to start preparing a meal.
While attending a birthday party at a friend’s house, I noticed a simple whiteboard on her fridge.
At the beginning of the week I sit down and plan out all of the meals right down to the sides. The second part of my strategy, the part that makes all of this organizing & planning work so smoothly, is a list on the front of the fridge. Plan your meals large enough and reap the time saving (and sanity sparing) benefits of leftovers!
Bottom Line: Starving students can plan meals on a budget to save money, couples can save time by cooking only a few times per week (freezing the leftovers), and families can avoid kiddlet meltdowns by having food ready (and on hand) to fill empty stomachs before the big soccer game or music recital. Check the weekly grocery flyers for sale items and deals on meat, produce, dairy etc., and try to use these bargains in your weekly meal plan.
Plan to eat easy meals like leftovers on busy days (hockey practice nights) and schedule meal preparation when you have more time (weekends). Get frozen: On days where you have more leftovers than you had planned (or hoped for), freeze them for future emergency meals.
I too have been planning meals for a long time and I make one trip to the grocery store with a list.

Except for fresh ingredients, I have all the ingredients in my freezer and pantry for nearly every meal that I ever prepare. Sunday is when I do meal planning, cutting and sorting coupons, and making shopping lists from the sale flyers.
She had neatly marked out her meal plan for the upcoming week which immediately appealed to my somewhat obsessive, but completely overwhelmed inner planner. Our family meal time is now my favorite part of the day and I’m no longer stressed about what I’m going to make or how much food gets wasted in my house.
If you plan meals and coordinate with your grocery shopping, you won’t have uneaten food go bad in your fridge. Avoid those home-late-from-work cases of the hungry stomach sads by having your meal prepped and ready to heat.
After asking the fine people who follow me on Twitter and like me Facebook about meal planning, most agree that Saturday or Sunday is the bestest day to plan weekly meals. Creating a stack of meals on recipe cards can help reduce your planning time in the future. Grab your whiteboard or download our Printable Blank Meal Planner and start scheduling your meals.
With a little forethought and organization, you too can be on the road to organized meal planning and hopefully you can bring some sanity back into your busy kitchen.

Our meals wern’t fancy or complicated, but they were planned ahead of time, affordable, tasty, healthy, and ready before 7PM. Scouting the sales in grocery flyers and planning meals around these bargain items can save you a fortune.
Carl is making coffee and marvelling at my euphoria-driven insanity to plan meals over the next week.
After a long, relatively quiet drive home, I came up with a two-part system that has made mealtime healthier, more thoughtful, and super simple.
Prevent your kids from doing the monster mash and having meal-time meltdowns by planning your meals a week in advance and serving in an instant. But all it takes to devise a 7-day meal plan is a strong desire to eat, and a little brain magic.

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