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I don't really think that anyone will tell you that meal replacements are better than whole food. Keeping food in your mouth longer and chewing it well allows flavours to be recognized by your tongue. With a whole healthy food diet there is a better chance that you know what it is you areВ В В В В В В  eating and you are learning something along the way by trying new foods. If you have been relying on meal replacements to lose or maintain your weight, we highly encourage you to start gradually making the switch back to whole foods wherever possible and monitor how you feel.

We have molars and a long gastro intestinal tract and we were designed to eat chew, and masticate a balanced healthy whole food diet. It's important to not skip a meal and that we eat whole food that results in us having to chew, masticate and enjoy our food, and not just sip a liquid. When we refer to whole food we refer to quality amounts of animal and fish protein and complex carbohydrates which include vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts etc and avoiding the highly refined highly processed carbohydrates. When the tongue recognizes the flavour it sends a message to the brain, which in turn sends messages to the digestive system resulting in the release of the correct digestive juices needed for that food.

The mouth is almost constantly flushed with saliva, which flushes away food debris and protects your teeth from decay. On their own, they don’t teach you how to choose a healthy diet from all the whole foods available.

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