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However, according to University of Connecticut Study,В there is no evidence that whey protein causes kidney failure. Depending on the protein quality you choose, there will be more or less side effects associated with it. These symptoms appear when a lactose intolerant person consumes lactose in a certain food product.В Whey protein is safe in recommended dosages to the all the individuals but the lactose intolerant. Due to body’s inability to digest milk protein (casein), your body reacts and it is a reaction to milk protein, not milk sugar (lactose intolerance). Mercola, for most people, 1 gram of protein per В half В pound of lean body weight is a healthy protein dosage (actual weight- amount of fat).

If you feel any of the symptoms, please re-consider your protein amount intake, timing, quality of ingredients, etc.
If your protein consists artificial flavorsВ and sweeteners, you should re-consider your protein choice. If you are allergic to dairy due to lactose, you may need to seek for the firstВ alternative, plant protein. You shouldn’t make protein powder your primary source of protein in your diet, this is whereВ folks get it wrong. If kidneys are not functioning properly, the over consumption of whey protein can detoriate its functions further.

Don’t ruin your health because you chose to consume the cheapest whey protein on the market. There is no evidence that recommended dosages of protein will damage your liver if you are of good health. This will prevent protein from aerating.В Another cause of bloating might beВ your lactose intolerance.

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