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The dogs suffering from incontinence would probably be seen to be waking up from sleep amidst puddle of his or her urine. Addition of apple cider to the food or the water bowl is also quite good for the urinary tract. The good news is, for most dogs, the leaking can be stopped or markedly diminished with appropriate therapy. When urine travels from the bladder (its holding reservoir) to the outside world it passes through a rather narrow tubular channel called the urethra. Far and away the most common cause of canine incontinence is referred to as  “hormone-responsive incontinence” or “acquired urinary incontinence.”   It is a disease of neutered dogs- most commonly middle aged and older females, but occasionally occurs in males and younger females. Breed: Old English Sheepdogs, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Weimaraners, Rottweilers, and Irish Setters are at increased risk. Tail docking: This surgical procedure performed on puppies of certain breeds is suspected to increase the risk of incontinence. The most common cause of urinary incontinence in puppies is a birth defect called an ectopic ureter. Here is a problem: we have been using DES and phenylpropanolamine for incontinence for years when indicated. Maggie was on a homemade diet since there were no good commercial food sources available in the developing country where we lived at that time.

One of my vets mentioned that the age of spaying will affect what is prescribed to an incontinent female. The difference is that the dogs spayed at 6-9 months have been exposed to some estrogen during development. Yes, my 11 year old Weim developed urinary incontinence and excessive thirst after anesthesia for removal of benign cysts. The cause of the incontinence must first be established with appropriate diagnostic testing performed by a veterinarian.
A muscular sphincter is present right at the point where the urethra connects with the bladder.
This translates into a bladder that becomes maximally distended, particularly during the night when a dog spends many hours in a state of sound sleep. Disease within this circuitry can result in urinary incontinence, typically accompanied by other neurological symptoms such as hind leg disuse or weakness and an inability to pass bowel movements normally. Your veterinarian will be able to use this information to help diagnose the cause of your dog’s incontinence. There is evidence that neutering before three months of age substantially increases the risk of future incontinence.
Resolution of the incontinence is dependent on successful treatment of the underlying disease.

How important is it to know when your dog was spayed when talking to the vet about this issue. Even expressing disappointments in loud voice would be quite embarrassing and depressing for the dog. Not only can this be bothersome and even embarrassing (dare I anthropomorphize) for the dog, it is truly a huge cleanup nightmare for the humans who live with a leaky dog.
When the brain sends a signal that it is time to urinate, the bladder contracts at the same time the sphincter relaxes thus allowing urine to flow. For dogs that are nonresponsive to medication, treatment options include collagen injections or placement of a constricting ring at the site of the urethral sphincter. I know first hand, sometimes when adopting a dog from an animal shelter the medical records can be incomplete. Urinary incontinence often results in frustrated attempts to use diapers, many loads of laundry, and irrational reprimands for the poor dog who has no control over the situation. Incontinence caused by ectopic ureters can often be corrected surgically or with laser therapy.

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