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Constipation isn't the easiest thing to talk about, but if you're stopped up, you're not alone.
When you're about to jet off somewhere, the last thing you're thinking about is how much the dietary change can wreak havoc on your system. Although many women experience constipation early on in pregnancy, some deal with it for most or all of the experience. If you just had surgery or you're on long-term pain medication, this might be causing you to feel stopped up.
Thankfully, the fix for most constipation is simple: eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get your 25 grams of fiber daily from diverse sources. This common health nuisance has affected around 80 percent of people at some point, according to the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. The most interesting part is that it isn't just about simple hydration; what really matters here is its link with the all-important fiber.
It comes in two forms: soluble fiber, which dissolves in water (like oats, apples, and beans), and insoluble fiber (like wheat, broccoli, and many dark leafy vegetables).
Irregular bowel movements unfortunately plague some women during pregnancy but bypass others altogether.

Stress or lack of sleep (or both, since they are so often linked), can influence your enteric nervous system, and that interplay may make it much harder to go to the bathroom. Hypothyroidism, a condition brought on by an underactive thyroid gland, can often cause constipation. Avoiding the foods that you notice bring it on can help keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy. If you're getting enough fiber in your diet but not enough water, that can potentially effect the way fiber passes through your system, leading to constipation," says Karlitz. They can get to the root of the problem and come up with a treatment plan to manage your symptoms.
What's more, the iron-containing prenatal vitamins you're faithfully taking might also be contributing to the clog – but stopping them is a bad idea, for you and your baby (in fact, your practitioner will likely advise that you take an additional iron supplement once you hit the halfway mark of your pregnancy). There are plenty of tactics to try to ease the problem and in the effort, avoid the company of constipation's dreaded sidekick, hemorrhoids. Don't plunge right into a fiber-rich diet if you're not used to it – go from zero to 35 grams quickly and you'll pay the price in gas and bloating. Eight full glasses of fluids (water, vegetable or fruit juice, broth etc.) each day will keep solids moving through your digestive tract at an impressive rate and keep your stool soft (and easier to pass).

Try to drink some when you're really clogged, and if you have trouble taking it straight, blend it with other fruits and juices into a smoothie.
If possible, try to be in the vicinity of a bathroom after mealtimes so you won't feel rushed when the mood strikes. If you're heading out for the evening, you might wait until you get home before you down a bag of apricots. Ironically, many of the supplements that do a pregnant body good (prenatal vitamins, calcium, and iron supplements) can exacerbate constipation. Sure, the commercials make it look like an easy (and speedy) way to spell relief – but they may make you very uncomfortable, and not all laxatives and stool softeners (especially herbal or homemade ones) are safe for use during pregnancy.

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