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This week we will spend some time in the meats, poultry and seafood sections of the grocery store - an area that offers an abundance of important nutrients! Keep in mind, the American Heart  Association’s heart healthy diet includes up to 2 servings of lean red meat per week.
I hope you have a renewed view of the meats, poultry and seafood sections as an oasis of important nutrients! For example, substituting beans in the place of meats is a wonderful way to add variety to your diet!

I assure them if they make smart choices when it comes to red meat, it can be part of a performance enhancing diet. Chicken is a nutrient-dense lean protein; however don’t let your guard down in this section of the store! When purchasing ground turkey, check the ingredient list to make sure the skin is not included. White meat tends to be lower in fat and calories than dark meat, yet dark meat contains more vitamins, A, K, B6, B12, niacin, folate, selenium, phosphorus and zinc.

I encourage you to spend a few extra minutes in this area of the grocery store and make this week’s goal to incorporate more lean protein into your meals!

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