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One of the primary problems with protein bars, vegan or not, is all of the added sugars.В  After activities or exercising, your sense of smell is heightened, causing your taste buds to also be more sensitive. Fortunately, there are vegan protein bars for weight loss that are lower in sugar, but still taste delicious. Crackers and chips seem to be the new medium for savory protein snacks and protein supplements for weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, adding more fiber to your diet is an important and effective strategy. These are truly awesome healthy foods, but when your goal is specifically to increase your intake of vegan protein for weight loss or fitness, you are probably most interested in convenient sources that you can easily slip into your everyday diet.

In other words, if you have a need for more protein due to physical activity then you really don’t need a super sweet protein snack, and some protein bars may even taste too sweet.
I used to shoot for 12 grams of sugar or less when sourcing a protein snack bar, but now there are even better options.
As I’ve professed before, My Vega is our current favorite powder-based protein for weight loss and low overall sugars, but there are many brands to taste test.
I’m not a huge whole nut fan, but adore enjoying creamy nut butters with apple slices or whole grain crackers for a well-rounded vegan protein snack. Weight loss is never easy, but with determination and a few good tools to help you manage hunger, you’ll soon see real results.

We keep a bowl on the counter, so he can grab a handful or two whenever he has the need for a very quick protein snack.

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