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One the best features of the meal plan (at least in my opinion) is that you can choose if you want to make all four meals and you can customize each recipe to your diet (there’s a gluten-free, paleo or vegetarian option for each recipe). If you’re interested in checking out the Cook Smarts meal planning service, you can try it out for free and get access to 3 sample plans just by registering.
This is something I’ll discuss in a lot more detail soon, but my research is fast finding that a paleo diet is the most ethical way to eat. The paleo diet helps halt (and prevent) a number of degenerative diseases, especially for autoimmune sufferers.В  Here is a 7-part video seriesВ by Prof.
I read a few Paleo blogs every now and again, but was quite put off by how strict it all seemed.
I have also previously tried to follow blood type a principles and find eating paleo without following those principles can make me feel very sluggish and lethargic and also feeling a little liverish.
Though i tend to avoid labels in my lifestyle choices, I have enjoyed the many benefits of Paleo inspired health and fitness for a number of years now. I know as a RD I should probably always have a meal plan in my head butttt it doesn’t quite happen that way.

A central tenet is that animal products must be grass or pasture-fed (not grain-fed), free range, organic and untreated to fit the paleo philsophy.
Again I really recommend some of the lectures on digestion in the Paleo Summit podcasts if you have digestion issues too. I actually had assumed you were one of those die-hard extreme paleo people but after reading this it’s refreshing to know you are open-minded about it. So Im just about to start incorporating back in to the paleo mix the A blood type protocol, not so strictly but as a general rule to see If it helps. I follow a similar paleo diet but still include buckwheat and quinoa and sometimes legumes like chickpeas and always green beans.
This is as close as we can get in Australia to eating the type of meat available in paleo times as the animals get to live a natural life. I am probably eating paleo-ish more since I read Food Rules (which has been extremely helpful) – but here I am on a Thursday morning eating a big bowl of pasta in front of the computer! Cook Smarts is awesome because you get to look at all the different versions (regular, vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo) of each recipe and decide which option to make.

So, when Jess of Cook Smarts reached out to me about trying her meal planning service I was all over it. Thanks for this post, it was nice to read about paleo in such an easy-going, no fuss, yet personal way. I came up on a Youtube video, about Dave the raw food trucker (that’s what they call this guy) and how he got his diabetes under control by eating a vegan raw food diet. So I did further research into vegan diets and how they can cure different deseases like diabetes, heart desease, Krons desease, a bunch of other stuff.

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