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It is undeniable that there is a saturation point that is experienced by vegetarians because they only consume foods made from vegetables and fruits. If you are bored with conventional vegetarian diet, you can begin to look for a vegetarian menu from another area. Cauliflower Kootu, an aromatic vegan curry among South Indian recipes, goes well with rice, pulao or rotis. Aloo Rasedar recipe, a gem among many styles of Uttar Pradesh aloo recipes with no onion and no garlic.

Vegetable Stew recipe is a healthy, easy and quick to make dish among Kerala recipes.This vegetarian dish is served with Appam, Kerala style white pancakes. Raw Banana Kofta, a classic among North Indian vegetarian recipes, goes well with pulao or rice.
One of the most flavorful and exotic rice dish among Jackfruit recipes is Jackfruit biryani aka Kathal ki biryani.
This veg based pulao is among easy to cook recipes for breakfast and a good tiffin for kids lunch box.

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