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Edit: In fine-tuning this recipe, I just kept adding more water to the oil until I got it to mist. DO NOT spray this onto a HOT pan! The water will make it to splatter everywhere, and may cause burns!
The bottle in the pictures is NOT food-grade plastic, so I would recommend sourcing either a food-grade plastic spray bottle, or a glass spray bottle with a fine mist. Been looking for an alternative spray for baking especially but not much success so thanks again for your efforts in experimenting and sharing this tip.
In regards to your Kitchen Spritzer by Pampered Chef, if you release the air each time after you use it (and then go ahead and tighten the ring again so it is ready to pump air next time) and only put in a smaller amount of oil (don’t fill it to the fill line), it will help decrease the clogging. Then I remembered a tip I got from an experienced pellet burner: Try to pour a little vegetable oil over the pellets when the hopper is nearly empty.
BTW, some years ago Shell sold some Super Premium pellets here in Denmark that had been impregnated with rapeseed oil during the pressing at the mill, I tell you, these pellets are the most energy intensive pellets I have EVER burnt!!
I'm not convinced that the oil will be as effective as claimed in binding the fines together and expell it through the auger system.

During my initial tests, I poured too much on the pellets a couple of times, but the dropchute never got wet of oil. I make mostly cookies, muffins, and quick breads, and find that if I spray a good amount on the pans, it mostly works pretty well. Instead, spray it onto a cold pan, and let it heat up gradually; in the process, the water will evaporate, leaving the oil to do its thing. Aww, you’re welcome For baking, I have used the spray so far only for muffins, without a problem.
The rubber gasket on the end plate and the auger bushing on my stove are not 100% tight, and one time, when having added too much oil, I noticed that the oil would leak out under the auger inside the stove. A simple paint brush may be the best way to ensure the right dose, and also much cheaper than the cooking oil spray. That said, I've used vege oil before in my crib back when I was burning corn, mainly to keep the dust down. I absolutely agree with Scott Williamson on that and this is why I already in my first post mentioned the risk of overdosing with vegetable oil on the pile of sawdust.

Well, I finally finished my last can just as I needed to spray my waffle pan for the whole-wheat banana chunk waffles I made last weekend, and leave it to desperation to push me into creative mode! Also, I used olive oil, but if you’re using another type of oil, your results may differ, so please experiment to find what works for you! I never thought it was a fire hazard or I would not have done it, the amount was very small and vege oil simply is not all that combustible unless at very high temps (i.e. So after experimenting a little, I found that adding water to the bottle gave it the right consistency to spray like a mist. Again, if I’m really concerned with sticking issues (like in cake pans, for example), I just brush on some melted butter or straight oil. I'd be more worried about gunking up the works even more by pouring this in the bottom of the hopper, vege oil tends to do this.

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    Almond flour in many baked seeds are loaded with protein.
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    Protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese copper, manganese, selenium, various B vitamins.