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It has a high level of viscosity which makes it a great lubricant in diesel engines than your regular petroleum diesel. This is because it is lye that breaks down the fatty acids from the waste vegetable cooking oils and separates the glycerin from the biodiesel mixture.
Equipments and ingredients: You would need waste vegetable cooking oil, lye crystals and methanol.
Make Sodium Methoxide: Sodium Methoxide is used to react with vegetable oils to make biodiesel.
Use a beater for mixing: You can find an industrial beater from any chemical factory nearby.

Let the mixture settle: After 30 minutes of drilling, remove the drill and set the bucket aside for overnight reaction.
This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make biodiesel using lye, methanol and wasted vegetable cooking oil.
Equipments required may comprise of plastic buckets (5 gallon buckets), plastic containers, drills (for mixing), methanol and lye pellets. This is because the mixture will thicken before the chemical reaction to force glycerin out of the vegetable oil. When you mix oil with sodium methoxide, you will see a bubbly reaction happening in the bucket.

Since biodiesel is made in batches, to start with, you can try with 15 liters of used vegetable oil.

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