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Today the Elsbett conversion technology lets most modern Diesel engines run on straight vegetable oil, and what was once a niche market is now enjoying rapid and sustained growth. While we strive to provide only the highest quality information through our members' offerings, if you find the information provided valuable, please consider a donation so that we can offer an even better experience for the membership and guests well into the future.
AT Lovecraft Biofuels, the Silver Lake auto shop that San Francisco native Brian Friedman opened smack in the middle of hipster heaven, old junkers are transformed into classic luxury cars for the new millennium.
Friedman, who has driven his own vegetable-oil-fueled Mercedes for four years, has sold a car to singer Mandy Moore, had Diane Keaton in for a test drive and been asked to consider appearing in a TV series.
Riding in Amy Morrison's 1981 Mercedes that runs on pure vegetable oil is sort of like hearing your first iPod or perhaps feeling what it was like to be at Kitty Hawk to witness the birth of modern aviation.
Morrison, a concert promoter who majored in environmental conservation, sees her car as a way to set an example for her young son. Though the Environmental Protection Agency hasn't certified any vehicle to run on pure vegetable oil, biofuel enthusiasts are hoping to make a point, even if they have to break the law: The technology exists to run cars on a clean, affordable fuel - one that can help American agriculture too.
Friedman's pure vegetable oil fuel system seems to avoid some of the problems posed by the only legal alternative fuel, biodiesel, which is plant oil processed to remove the sticky glycerin. As he and his mechanics are quick to remind you, Rudolf Diesel demonstrated at the 1900 Paris World's Fair that his namesake compression ignition engine could run wholly on peanut oil. More than a century later, Friedman is making a name for himself with the simple technology that uses a renewable resource to run a car.
Like Kleinpeter, Kristina Wong spends a lot of time answering questions about her car, a 1981 Mercedes turbo diesel with 172,000 miles on the odometer and vivid pink paint. Friedman also is patenting a conversion kit for do-it-yourselfers and sells an at-home filtering system for waste oil. In just about every online forum regarding vegetable oil conversions, debate is heated over issues such as one- or two-tank systems, the proper temperature for heating vegetable oil to start a diesel engine, and how and whether Californians should pay fuel taxes on vegetable oil, even if they recycle it from waste oil. Friedman is working on a way to add diesel to the converted car tanks to, in effect, create a legal, but dirtier, fuel.
My understanding is that almost any diesel capable of running on pure biodiesel (again, anything BUT the very newest models) is also capable of running on pure veggie oil. Warning-В  Before using alternative fuels on the highway, ensure you are familiar with your state and federal laws for road use tax. Remembering what I had learned, I went into a local supermarket, purchased 3 gallons of vegetable oil, dumped them in my tank, and made it to the next station with diesel with no problem – in fact I found my engine ran a little quieter and smoother on the peanut oil.
The diesel engines best suited for alternative fuels are older designs that are non-computer controlled with indirect injection. If you have a vehicle, tractor, generator, or other diesel-powered anything you are considering using alternative fuels in, a quick search on the internet will almost always yield a list where somebody else has tried it and shared their experience.
This is a list of fuels I have either personally used or seen used in diesel-powered vehicles. Unused Vegetable Oil– Vegetable and cooking oil that has not been used to cook, fresh from the bottle or even farm can be used. Hydraulic Oil–В Before all the engineers jump me, yes I know there are thousands of kinds of hydraulic oils.
Transformer Oil–В The kind from the big transformers on the pole or outside a big building.
It is indeed possible to raise something lie soybeans or peanuts and extract the oil for fuel use.
Frybrid manufacturers the worlds most sophisticated system for the conversion of diesel vehicles to use vegetable oil as a fuel.

Freshly painted chocolate brown with Lovecraft's Valentine heart logo, the 7-month-old shop at Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue specializes in converting cars, especially diesel-powered Mercedes built from 1975 to 1989, to run on 100% vegetable oil. It's still just a car, a well-traveled old car, in fact, but the intangible cool factor is that vegetables, not dinosaurs, melted to fuel the diesel engine. Biodiesel, which is often sold as a blend with up to 95% petroleum diesel, is hard to find and costs as much or more than diesel, but it can be legally pumped into existing diesel engines without any modifications. Rya Kleinpeter bought her first converted Mercedes more than a year ago and came back for a second after the first was crashed. This is not to say that modern diesel engines cannot use alternative fuels; however, there are factors that limit the ability to use them, and newer engines are far less tolerant. 2 diesel with a slightly different mix that is inconsequential for use in vehicles; or often the exact same thing, and the addition of a red dye so the tax man can tell it is not taxed for road use. Used motor oil is the same, farmers often called it “black diesel” and have put the used oil from the farm in diesel tanks for years. The key things to remember before using an alternative fuel in your diesel engine are to research and see if anybody has used it before, ensuring whatever fuel you are choosing is clean and free of water; and to start with a slow blend if possible. I’ve been wondering for a while now how a person can get oil from things he can grow. A few weeks ago, Morrison bought the 1981 Mercedes wagon with the third row of seats for $7,500 to accommodate growing carpool duties. Friedman's converted cars, however, will run on any combination of pure or filtered waste vegetable oil, diesel or biodiesel. Unlike many other systems, Friedman's requires only one tank, no diesel fuel for starting and no driver-operated switches to control the flow of vegetable oil. After searching in vain for a diesel car to convert, she happened upon Lovecraft, where she bought the $5,900 car and named it Harold.
Violations can bring fines of $2,750 for individuals and $32,500 for manufacturers or dealers. On online forums, including Lovecraft's, owners of converted cars discuss emissions, road taxes, oil rancidity, lubricity, flash points, biodegradability, particulates and hydrocarbons.
I was in rural Alabama on a buying trip in my diesel Ford van, and let myself get way too low on fuel as the evening progressed. The most notable is that the modern computer controlled diesel engines, in an effort to produce the most power and economy while meeting ever more stringent emission regulations, are placing the fuel under much higher injection pressures and far more specific fuel parameters that the engine control computers demand. Some I list as usable at a 100% mixture, some are only usable as a blend with diesel, kerosene, or another agent that thins it. In some parts of the country ,there are hundreds of gallons of this at almost every older home with an oil furnace, and if one has a pump and lines in an emergency it can be pulled from the tanks and used.
Rudolf Diesel ran the very first diesel engine on peanut oil by design.В It is possible to even raise soybeans as a crop for fuel.
If used ATF is burned, the same warnings about filtering apply, but in a pinch it is less likely to hold moisture dirt than motor oil. If you can find a shop that rebuilds these transformers, they may be very happy to have you haul away the oil so they don’t have to pay for disposal. Just be warned that it will coke up your injectors, so if your prepared for that, go to town. My family owns a decent amount of forest and we always leave the fir needles on the ground after harvest.
Like many old diesels, it putters more than it zooms, but the exhaust smells like tempura is shooting out of the tailpipe.

His cars operate almost exactly like any other diesel engine, minus the sooty exhaust or petroleum.
They debate how and if they should pay fuel taxes, register to haul waste oil, and locate the correct tax forms.
If available, you should mix some 2 cycle oil in at a ratio of around 100:1 to restore that lubricity. The same warnings that apply as to used veggie oil above-В you must filter it and remove the water, and watch in colder climates for gelling.
But for a cost saving measure on the homestead, these basic rules will help you explore and start using low-cost diesel fuel alternatives. The conversion kit contains the pipe work, special high pressure fittings for oil, a diesel filter, a high quality toggle.
Another major factor is that newer diesel engines have emission control systems that can be damaged by using some of these fuels. The Army, for a while, was buying a machine that removed the oil during an oil change, filtered it, and pumped it right into the fuel tank.В  They paid thousands, but you can easily build one yourself for around $100.
Convert your diesel engine to use Veg-Oil; half-price motoring with this twin-tank solution, from Rainbow Trading Post ~ your Earth-friendly Shop. The one with diesel would not reopen until 6:00am the next morning, and the next station was 25 miles away, and I doubted I could stretch the fuel that far with the load I was towing.
Before use, used oil needs to be filtered, ideally to a smaller micron rating than your vehicle filter, and de-watered.
The Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System is an auxiliary fuel modification system that allows diesel vehicles to run on vegetable oil in any climate.
The damage was so bad to the engine, we had to do extensive repairs and then convert the bus back to diesel power. There are varied methods for de-watering, from centrifuges, to simply heating it to boil water off to water absorbing filters. One word of warning, some have found that WMO is best used in vehicles that are used for longer runs or duration, like tractors used all day or trucks run on the highway. I do believe it is possible to build an engine from scratch that can run on vegetable oil, but an engine designed for diesel is not going to last long converted to vegetable oil. But you need to ensure the oil is clean and free of water, then you use it just like virgin vegetable oil. Using it in vehicles used for short, around town drives can possibly lead to deposits being left in the engine as it does not get to full operating temperature.
I believe you have to have a recycling permit or certificate to take used frying oil in this state. It is truly remarkable with the energy shortages of the world that it took this long to realized fuel could be made from waste vegetable oil, brown oil, or the grease from grease traps. The reasons for this are mainly that soybeans, the predominant source of biodiesel, only yield 20% oil, when much more is needed.
Recycled oils can be used more cost effectively, but there isn't nearly enough recycled oil to satisfy the demand for biodiesel as a fuel. Remember that politicians are very good at bending the truth and forgetting to mention the down sides.

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