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Ah yes, to share this recipe (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email…) with at least 3 of your friends. As I mention in the recipe, feel free to use extra cauliflower in place of the parsnip and parsley root. Pinterest has updated its search features, making it possible to filter for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo ingredients or recipes when performing food-related searches.
According to the announcement, Pinterest is rolling out the new search feature on the web now, and has plans to bring it to its mobile site as well.

Pinterest has become more than an online mood board; for many, it functions like a cookbook, a cookbook on food porn and twine wrapped sandwich steroids. The site recently announced a new search function, which allows users to search for food based on certain eating preferences and filter for vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and even paleo recipes.
On the other end of the spectrum, some experts say that social media is driving teenage girls to eating disorders (those svelte model photos on Pinterest maybe aren’t so inspirational after all), and as it turns out, many of us are so tied to our social media sites that we now eat dinner while surfing the web.
Users can then narrow down search results using the newly added search filters, and save recipes to their own boards.
Pinterest is a good place to look for recipes (with beautiful accompanying pictures), and now I can do that for vegan ones too! In other words, eating your bowl of paleo-friendly dinner while looking for more paleo recipes.

I was really eager to try this recipe tho, and since I’m not vegan I used Parmesan cheese instead. That shows the upswing that the paleo diet has had over the last few years, for better or for worse. And, if you’re not into using nutritional yeast, my cream of mushroom soup recipe works as a fantastic paleo pasta sauce!

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