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Read on for a few words with Borges who, despite witnessing two of his most widely admired clients fall off the wagon, stands steadfast by the virtues of clean vegan cuisine.
Marco Borges: There is no guarantee, no matter what diet you’re on, that you’re going to live to be 200. The all around icon, hitherto rarely really scrutinized for what he was ingesting, referred curious readers to his “friend Marco,” as in Marco Borges,* Jay’s longtime exercise physiologist and, more recently, vegan nutrition coach.

Rigorous research and evidence via personal transformation confirmed for Borges that a diet rich in plants and scarce in (or even entirely devoid of) animal and processed products was optimal for human health.
There’s too much evidence for people to ignore the fact that a plant-based diet is better for us. Beyond food and apparel, she’s an arts and entertainment enthusiast, as well as an all around avid vegan, with her finger perpetually on the pulse of this burgeoning scene.

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