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There is only so much hot sauce and mustard a fitness competitor can consume before our cravings for variety make us do something drastic like buy Walden Farms Calorie-Free Ketchup aka chemical-laden, tomato-flavoured sugar water.
FACEBOOKJacked on the Beanstalk: Samantha Shorkey's Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness 2 days ago Just in time to include on your weekend brunch menu, :) my CRUSTLESS VEGAN QUICHE recipe is up on the blog!

And damn rights, you better believe I took a #poutyfaced #selfie to forever remember the day I had #perfectskin & #cleanhair.
Was craving something #hearty for #brunch and decided to play around with my mom's famous #quiche recipe.

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  2. Glamurniy_Padonok:
    Loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, and seed flour.