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Not long ago, Alicia Silverstone was talking about how going vegan when she was young completely changed her life, allowing her now, at 32, to look better even than many women much younger. According to the source, the actor has recently admitted that, while he swears by vegetarianism, he did not turn to it because he believed in animals’ rights or thought he should be less cruel towards nature, as it was the case with other stars. As we were also telling you just a short while back, actress Alicia Silverstone also credits being a vegan with the clear, youthful skin she has now.

Woody Harrelson, dubbed by the media as the ultimate hippie, is also a vegetarian and has been so since he was in his 20s, although, in his case, the change in diet was for purely cosmetic reasons, PageSix writes.
On the contrary, the actor simply wanted to rid himself of the bad case of acne he had at the time, and listened to a piece of advice a stranger gave him one day. However, once she changed her diet, she started feeling better and, most importantly, her skin constantly improved, even with the passing of the time.

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