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The secret to happiness could lie in something as simple as a tuna sandwich or cod and chips.
Eating sushi and raw fish is part of a healthy diet during pregnancy in Japan as long as you eat fish with safe mercury levels. According to the dictionary, “Sushi is cold rice formed into various shapes and garnished with bits of raw fish or seafood.” Japanese food is generally considered low-fat and healthy, so one would think it it would be an ideal food for pregnant women. However, in the United States pregnant women are scared away from sushi by being told that raw fish can contain harmful bacteria and parasites. There are certain fish which pregnant women should not eat because of increased mercury levels (raw or cooked). Tropical fish poisoning happens when a person eats fish (either cooked or raw) which contains certain toxins.
Before you go to an all-you-can-eat sushi bar, however, it's important to be informed about the benefits and risks of eating sushi and raw fish during pregnancy. Nigiri sushi is the traditional sushi which is a slice of fish (occasionally cooked) or shellfish pressed by hand onto a pad of cooked rice. Maki sushi contains fish or other ingredients that are placed on rice and rolled with dried seeweed as an outer layer.
Sashimi is thin or thick slices of raw fish that are not served on top of individual rice rolls, but separately. In the fishing and food industries, precautions are taken in the prevention of infected fish from getting into our food supply, but that is not a 100% guarantee. Uncooked meat or fish can potentially contain elements of worms or eggs, and the only way to fully kill worm eggs and other microorganisms is by fully and properly cooking fish and meats. Rest assured that overall, very few people in the United States get sick from eating sushi, and most infections occur from fish eaten at home, not from restaurants.

What DASH Can Do for YouThe DASH Diet can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which is good for your heart. If you’ve put on a little weight recently and need to drop off some of the excess, you might like to consider this plan which is a 3 day tuna fish diet and aims to reduce your weight quickly by up to 10 lbs. The tuna fish diet has been attributed to a number of sources, including a hospital in Alabama, and is known by a number of names, such as the 3 Day Cardiac Diet and the Alabama Diet. Keep in mind that the 3 day tuna fish diet is intended to be followed for only 3 days at a time to achieve a quick weight loss and is not meant to be a sustainable food plan for a longer period. This is a diet that is restricted in calories (about 1,000) and nutrients so also take a multi vitamin tablet each day.
Although the diet plan is easily followed, after three days you may start to feel hungry and you should return to a normal healthy diet. We provide free, accurate and independent advice on diet and weight loss issues, natural and prescription medication and prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products.
A team from the Menzies Research Institute in Tasmania, Australia, tracked more than 1,400 men and women aged between 26 and 36 for a period of five years.The participants kept diaries of their diet – including various types of seafood including fish, prawns and mussels - while details about their mental health were also collated. In Japan, pregnant women do not generally stop eating sushi when they become pregnant, and many Japanese pregnancy books suggest eating sushi as part of a healthy, low-fat diet during pregnancy. These warnings, however, often fail to mention specific bacteria and parasites that fish for sushi may contain, nor do they mention that fish prepared at sushi restaurants in the United States is usually flash frozen by the distributers before it gets to the restaurant; any parasites or bacteria in the fish is usually killed during the process.
The most common form of fish poisoning is Ciguatera poisoning which causes up to one million cases of fish poisoning a year. Not eating enough fish during pregnancy can have a negative effect on your baby's brain development. Fish roe is also served as nigiri sushi in a style called gunkan, meaning "boat." Nigiri sushi contains a hint of horseradish and is meant to be dipped in soy sauce.

You're much more likely to buy contaminated fish at your local supermarket than get it at a good Japanese restaurant.
It is one of the most popular diets to be found online, requiring only foodstuffs readily available in your local supermarket, as well as being simple and easy to prepare.
Fad diets promote quick but temporary weight loss not a long term strategy for healthy weight management. As long as you take certain precautions and eat low mercury fish then it should be safe to eat sushi in pregnancy. Illnesses that may develop from eating uncooked or undercooked fish or meats include hepatitis A, worms, parasites, viral intestinal disorders, and other diseases. It is caused by eating fish raw or cooked which have ingested a microalga called Giambierdiscus toxicus.
Persons poisoned with Ciguatera have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms within 2-6 hours after eating the poisoned fish and there is no specific tretament. Not until the 18th century did a chef decide to serve sushi in its present form as fresh fish and forget about the fermentation process altogether.
Other fish toxins include scombroid, tetrodotoxin, and saxitoxin which are among the rarest and most poisonest of them.
Therefore, the statistics reported by the CDC are skewed by illnesses which either affect only a small geographical area, or only occur with mishandling of fish.

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