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I've had HS for 35 years I've tried it all ,had surgeries, changed my diet, seen specialists , taken all sorts of antibiotics you name it I've tried it . I have had this for 20 years, numerous operations and antibiotics till i got referred to bedford hospital dermatolgy.
I do agree with those hear saying that antibiotics are not the answer, I first tried them as a treatment for my HS when I was diagnosed in my late teens and I have tried them over the years now and then since and I can say they did nothing for me, not to say it wont work for others but did nothing for me. Also for those asking about turmeric it is usually administered as a oral supplement, at least thats how I take it.
I have suffered for about 9 years now and they seem to be getting worse - I can handle the pain although it becomes so bad at times that I cant put my arms down properly but the scarring and weeping and the smell is really embarassing - I worry because it seems to be spreading and I do not know what to do to stop it.
We recommend boil treatment medicine, and a variety of techniques and methods for treating a boil outbreak in the comfort of your own home. Though complications are rare and only 2% of the worlds population are effected by the Hidradenitis Suppurativa (The Most Severe Form Of Re-Occurring Boils Under The Armpit Area) this condition can only be treated by a doctor.
Use a hot compress over the boil: Heat brings nutrients and anti-bodies to the boil which helps draw out the boil and help it rupture and release naturally so it can heal.
Doctor Visit: If you have a boil in the under arm area like the armpit, make an appointment with your doctor. If you really want to understand what’s going on, what to do, and how to treat a boil outbreak caused by a staph infection there is no better place than here.
Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic skin condition, having as main characteristic lumps of different sizes under the skin.
Cancerour lesions (in rare cases) – this is a risk especially for nodules on the buttocks (squamous cell carcinoma). At the present moment, the exact cause of hidradenitis suppurativa has yet to be identified.

First of all, you should know that the treatment depends on the stage of the disease and the factors that might have triggered it in the first place.
Cortisone injections – these are directly injected in the area of the lesion and they can be very useful for more serious cases.
Radiation – not a common choice of treatment, as it can induce radiation-based tumors. Apart from the treatment, this disease will require the patient to make some serious lifestyle changes. Both the skin grafts and the carbon dioxide laser treatments have different results, depending on the stage of the disease and how serious the lesions have extended. Remember heat makes you sweat and this can add to the growth bacteria, so be sure to wash up after ever treatment. It vitalness of this tip can be dismissed because it is so simple, but bacteria is the main cause of boils so please pay attention to this one and be grateful it’s cheap! It boost the immune system, and is designed for treatment of boil outbreaks from the inside out. The best way to be bacteria free, and cure any fears of infection or harmful boil causing boil bacteria is taking an Anti-Septic Bath. Doctors will understand if lancing a boil is the proper treatment, and has to be done precisely and with additional prescribed medications to be taken afterward.
Hubert Walinski has been a great personal resource, and the only complete guide to treating an curing staph infections and boil outbreaks.
They are in fact skin abscesses and cysts (epidermoid, sebaceous etc.) that can cluster and form tunnels under the skin, complicating the disease even further. There is no scarring after the abscess heals and they do not form sinus tracts or tunnels under the skin.

These are solitary or multiple and they often lead to the formation of sinus tracts or tunnels under the skin. Experimental treatments are in the phase of research at the moment, as there are more and more people diagnosed each year with HS and suffering from extensive scarring. Stitches are also necessary depending of the severity of a boil (Most severe cases a boil can grow to the size of a golf ball, and worse sometimes resided well under the skin.) Most self administrated lancings cause the condition to get worse and typically lead to more severe conditions or additional boil outbreaks. Appearing shortly after puberty, this skin condition can persist for many years and it can become indeed worse with time.
The treatment of scars is perhaps one of the most complicated parts of treating HS in general, so, hopefully, these experimental treatments are going to provide patients with the much-needed relief.
You can buy this at any CVS or Drugstore, and is simply a liquid anti-septic for killing bacteria. The reason is a lanced or cut boil releases all the bacteria, the boil causing bacteria which then gets to spread over the body when a boil is cut open. The partnership includes patients (including the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Trust), carers, dermatologists, dermatology nurses, GPs, surgeons and psychologists.
Armpit Boils are different, and left without a doctors attention can lead to dangerous health issues.
Taking a bath like this will kill all the bacteria on the body and will prevent further boil outbreaks or worried about an outbreak due to coming in contact with someone who is suffering a boil outbreak.
The central task is to identify uncertainties about HS and its management, then to prioritise the top 10 selected issues for future research.

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