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The key to fat loss is first figuring out how many calories you should be burning or skipping each day. For example, a 19-year-old woman who is 5’5” and 130 pounds would plug her information into the calculator and find out that her BMR is 1366.8 calories. Bear in mind that approximately 70% of weight loss can be accomplished by modifying one's diet and caloric intake.
Incorporate a weight training program into any weight loss program, so that you keep your muscle and don’t turn into a pile of mush and skin. This is one of the toughest questions to answer, especially if you are trying to lose weight! Here are some healthy tips that I follow and will definitely help you with your weight loss and eating clean mission! The next step is to get a better idea of how many calories you’re burning when you exercise. It can be really hard to make the necessary changes required for losing weight and getting healthy.
Wow Angela, this looks like an really awesome resource that will help everybody with their weight loss efforts!!!!
This tool really blew my mind Angela :) It is the most complete weight loss tool that I found on the internet. I just want to thank you Angela for sharing this useful tool that will help my site’s visitors on their journey to lose unwanted weight so they have some insight on the real problem not just reading some advices or techniques.
This is one of the easiest to use weight loss calculators and tracking tools I’ve seen. I love this article because it shows the math behind weight loss, something people can easily forget or be fooled by. Very interesting that searching for how to lose weight on Wolfram give me so much detail information. Being in the weight loss industry and with people that are suffering obesity, it can be hard trying to find what works or what guides you down the path of working and this program seems to be a step in the right direction for combating wehjt loss.

This article will help you calculate how many calories you burn just by existing, and how many you need to cut to lose weight. Your BMR will tell you how many calories your body needs to function properly if you spent the entire day sedentary.
Since you (hopefully) do not sit still in bed all day, you must account for the calories you burn through activity. If you were to lose weight through diet alone, you'd need a 500-calorie deficit every day to lose one pound in a week. If you're already within 10 pounds of your goal weight, your body will start lowering its metabolism to hoard calories if you diet too extremely. If you lose 5 pounds in the first week but you only aimed for a 500-calorie deficit each day, don't panic.
Keeping track of what you're eating is the best way to calculate your potential weight loss. Seeing the actual amount of calories you consume each day will force you to take responsibility for your health and cut back on eating. Losing 1 or 2 pounds per week might not sound like a lot, but it's as much as your body is built to lose in 7 days. Typically, you need to burn 500 more calories than you eat every day in order to lose one pound per week.
So many diet fads claim that people can lose 20 pounds in a week or something crazy like that, and this proves those claims are all just so false. Couple this together with a weight loss program and I think we may just have an optimal program for losing weight. It is quite a cool handy gadget that those who are looking to lose weight will find very helpful.
Once you have your BMR, use the Harris Benedict Formula below to determine your total daily calorie needs depending on your activity level.
Losing these calories through diet restriction alone is not recommended - if you're serious about losing weight, it's safer to step up your exercise regimen as well.

If you were really pushing it and wanted to lose 2 pounds in a week, you'd need a 1000-calorie deficit every day. When your body doesn't take in enough calories each day to sustain basic functions, it starts burning muscle. Consider keeping a food journal that lists everything you eat, as well as the calories per serving and how many servings you had. Since these are just estimates, keep an eye on your fat loss and if you start losing too fast or too slowly, then you will want to adjust your calories up or down accordingly. He likes reviewing recent changes, improving or "boosting" new articles, doing “wikiGnome” tasks where he helps out behind the scenes, and taking “wiki walks.” The first article he started, which earned a Rising Star, was How to Organize an iPod Touch, and his favorite article he’s worked on has been How to Become a Psychiatrist. A little further down the page is information on what your caloric intake should be in order to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal. This handy widget will help you to accurately figure out not only your caloric burn, but also what other activities are equivalent to the specific activity you’ve just queried. The hardest thing I have found when it comes to losing weight is the ability to stay disciplined as well as have a clear plan of action.
This little tool gives you all the information you need to take the guess work out of losing weight.
So get yourself a food journal (or make yourself a spreadsheet using Mathematica) and start tracking your caloric intake and caloric burn with our data and widgets. Search online for free apps or websites that allow you to enter what you ate - some will even calculate the calories for you.

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