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The nutritional pioneer Weston Price studied native diets among tribal populations and found that they had better teeth and better facial bone structure than westerners. In 1863 a London undertaker named William Banting popularised a diet recommended to him by the famous physician Dr William Harvey.
From 1865 to 1965 the standard hospital treatment for obesity was to decrease carbohydrate intake.
The Paleo Diet theory is based on the fact that the Paleolithic era is much, much longer than the Neolithic era and it’s during the Paleolithic that modern humans evolved.
Interesting though the documentary was, it didn’t give a full list of foods to eat and avoid, so I had a look on Wikipedia.
Although the arguments in favour of the Paleo diet are compelling, I’m not entirely convinced. I agree that variety is key to a balanced diet and the Paleo diet does put forth a solid case for eating meat…or against vegetarianism and veganism. I’ve been excited about In Search of the Perfect Human Diet since I contributed to the project last year. The film sets up the problem quite well: Americans are fat and are too confused to know what to do about it. At the beginning of his search for the Perfect Human Diet, Hunt discusses the work of Weston A.
One of the more interesting parts of the film was a visit to Mike Richards of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology where his group is looking at what the composition of our ancestors diet was, including vegetables and protein. Overall, the film still emphasizes a low-carb Paleo diet, which we’re starting to realize may not be the right prescription for everyone, especially hard-charging athletes and people with thyroid conditions. While the film showcases a ton of really interesting evolutionary anthropology work, I view mostly as a prequel to a larger story.
We have an exclusive clip from the new documentary The Perfect Human Diet, which is currently available on VOD formats.
While 80% of humans of European and American descent have evolved to tolerate dairy, the evolution of the human species to tolerate dairy 100% is still in progress.В  People of Far Eastern descent are largely lactose intolerant. Because of where we are evolutionary speaking, it is clear that milk products were not a part of the Paleo diet. Over time, It causes other problems in the body forcing people to go to the doctor and get treated for that symptom, all the while missing the bare-bones cause of what’s going on inside their body. It is becoming more and more clear that many of the diseases afflicting humanity are not a natural part of the aging process, but in fact side effects of the rapid dietary changes we’ve inflicted on our bodies. If you’re ready to put food together in delicious recipes, be sure to join my newsletter where you will receive updates of freshly added Paleo diet recipes!
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More recently, Kerin O’Dea from the University of Southern Australia conducted an experiment with a group of overweight Aboriginals living in cities. At the time Banting was 65 years old, overweight, had poor eyesight, poor hearing and joint pains. In the 1950s В the idea that fat causes heart disease, by it’s effect on cholesterol, began to spread.

In order to understand the Paleo Diet we need to go back in time…2 million years back in time! Therefore, we have evolved to eat the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors which is why we struggle and have become unhealthy on modern diets. The Paleo diets advocates: fish, meat (grass-fed), vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots and nuts. That said, we should bear in mind that the meat our Paleolithic ancestors ate is very different to the meat we eat today. I recently received my DVD copy, and while the film fell a little but short of my high standards for Paleo instruction, it was pretty darn good overall. The impetus for the film was his own struggles with health as he literally died while running on a track at age 24. Using some pretty advanced lab techniques, the group has been able to superimpose the diet data from other carnivores and herbivores to show that Neanderthals in Europe were getting all their protein from animal foods (not from dairy or legumes) and fish, and weren’t eating too much plant food overall. The 80% that can tolerate dairy have evolved to where their genes contain the enzyme lactase.В  If humans continue to consume dairy products, the percentage of people who develop that gene over time will increase. Though we’ve evolved a bit and increased our genes for salivary amylase, which is the enzyme that helps start the digestion of starch, folks have issues with digesting grains well. While this disease has been found all over the world, it seems to be concentrated in those from Irish descent.
This is especially true with the mixture of new foods from distant lands and the advent of convenience foods. Here you can learn how to fast track your weight loss with my new Paleo plan called the "30-Day Paleo Fat Burner".
Hunt had serious health problems from an early age and experimented extensively with diets.
She sent them for seven weeks in the outback where they lived a hunter-gather lifestyle with a diet that was 50% to 60% animal based. Theirs came from wild, lean animals whereas today’s commercial meat comes from sedentary fattened stock!
The group got healthier of course, and the macronutrient ratios that naturally resulted were 54-80% animal protein, 13-40% fat, and from 5-33% wild, fibrous carbohydrates.
My perfect sequel to this film would be a look at the biochemistry of how these foods make us sick, the power of real food to make us better, and some real studies, testimonials, and empowerment talk.
I believe that after CJ shows the film around to all the festivals, he’ll re-release the DVD with a little more content. Because of these evolutionary changes in our genetic makeup, we have to define what foods are acceptable. It’s estimated that out of 100 people, at least one person has an auto-immune disease that is triggered by the protein in most cereal grains-called gluten. You'll find the secrets (it's not what you think) to burning fat the smart way using specific foods from the Paleo Diet Food List.
They were anatomically similar to us and evidence of hunting tools suggests that they consumed a lot of meat.
In my opinion there are 2 influential factors that have driven the obesity and diet-related illness epidemic.

That data right there should be enough to tell us that a low-carb approach isn’t necessarily the most optimal, but unfortunately, Hunt misses the mark on explaining this. Maybe after CJ gets done taking the film around the world he could get cracking on this next project. Learn how to plug in my Paleo Recipes (and their Fat Burning Numbers) to optimize fat loss and keep it off for life! Jay Wortman has studied Inuit populations and found that today a lot of them suffer from obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Today the US Diet Guidelines are to decrease portion size, decrease sugar, decrease salt, and decrease saturated fats. The period before 10,000 years ago is known as the Paleolithic era and the period after is known as the Neolithic era. It’s a good film overall, and the story is told well without hyperbole or editorializing, and is definitely worth a watch. Traditionally they lived on low carbohydrate diets and so it’s hypothesised that the disease is linked to the modern high carbohydrate diets. Their diet contained a huge diversity of food which differed from their predecessors’ diet which was mainly plant-based.
In the 18th and 19th centuries the industrial revolution led to the refinement of sugars, grains and other foods. Mechanisation and lately the widespread use of computers has meant that most of us spend our working days sitting and a lot of us spend our leisure time sitting as well.
Even doctors recommend not introducing cow’s milk to children under the age of one so they can build up sufficient tolerance for possible allergic reactions.
The increased amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are thought to have been a precursor for brain growth and behavioural sophistication. More recently processed foods have flooded the market and can constitute up to 70% of modern human diets. During the same period our diets have changed drastically and now include a lot more refined and processed foods. Then, 230,000 years ago, Neanderthals appeared in Europe and 192,000 years ago modern humans appeared in Africa. These convenience foods as they are also known are high in sugars, salts and saturated fats. I hope this helps to answer your questions about what is the Paleo diet and the reasoning behind it.
Bone analysis suggests that the diet of Neanderthals and the first modern human was very similar to that of Homo Erectus.

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