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A low-carb Paleolithic diet promotes natural weight loss and optimal health, according to the book, "The Perfect Human Diet," by fitness expert CJ Hunt. Hunt, an investigative journalist turned health advocate, drew his conclusions after speaking with evolutionary biology experts and anthropologists who conducted bone and fecal analyses on early human fossils to identify exactly what they ate.
These analyses indicated ancient man consumed primarily animal foods such as large game meat, and obviously, no gluten or processed foods. Hunt, executive producer of the hit 2012 documentary, The Perfect Human Diet, said humans weren't meant to be obese and sickly. Cordain said grains, legumes and dairy did not even appear in our evolution until the last ВЅ yard line of the football field, with the advent of the agricultural revolution.
In the companion book to his documentary, Hunt set out to find the solution to diet-related obesity and chronic disease, and his findings were shockingly simple: A low-carb Paleo-based diet is the secret to longevity, natural weight loss, age-defying health and disease prevention.

CJ told me we can solve the obesity crisis by adopting the original Paleo diet that helped humans evolve over millions of years. Analysis of 50,000-year-old fossilized fecal samples show Neanderthals ate mostly meat, as evidenced by coprostanol ratios in their excrement, but they also consumed plants, as suggested by the presence of 5ОІ-stigmastanol. CJ Hunt, author of "The Perfect Human Diet," says we can solve the obesity crisis by embracing the original Paleo diet that helped humans evolve over millions of years. While the idea that caveman lived only to age 30 is popular, CJ Hunt said Paleolithic people routinely enjoyed healthy 70-year lifespans, as long as they survived childbirth, early infancy and didn't die from an animal attack or infection. Experts told CJ the alarming epidemics of obesity, diabetes and heart disease became the norm only after the agricultural revolution, when people started eating grains and processed foods en masse. Loren Cordain, founder of the Paleo Movement, walk along a 100-yard football field using it as a timeline for the evolution of modern humans.

Processed junk food — now a staple of modern diets — wasn't part of our diets until the past 100 years, when obesity, diabetes and cancer mushroomed. Cordain said the first humans that are similar to modern man first appeared at the zero yard line. Over time, humans evolved into a hunter-gatherer species that survived on a diet of meat and wild plants.

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