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This bestselling guide will help you to eat better, feel better, and lose weight the way nature intended.The Paleo Diet, or Caveman Diet, is not a starvation diet. It seems like every day there is yet another “expert” who claims they have found the solution to the obesity and health epidemic we are facing in this country. Everyone knows that grandma knows best, and The Paleo Diet Solution reinforces this fact with a life plan to change your eating habits and become far healthier in the process. The Paleo Diet Solution by John Chatham is a step by step lifestyle change which follows in the footsteps of our ancestors, the caveman.
Another great diet plan from author John Chatham, layed-out simply and effectively in “The Paleo Diet”.
The Paleo Diet Solution by John Chatham explains how to eat only foods that could have been grown, gathered, hunted or fished in pre-historic time, in the Paleolithic Era, which is where the diet’s name comes from. People often use the phrase “back to basics” in conjunction with a realization that current methods just aren’t working. The Diet Solution Program is a very healthy diet solution that will help you to lose weight naturally while eating delicious fat burning foods. Buy Tim's book on Amazon 3Fuel Audible In this episode I talk with exercise scientist and physician Tim Noakes, MD about the Paleo diet, his latest book Waterlogged, and the Central Governor Theory of fatigue. Paleo Diet BUNDLE (Paleo + Paleo Cookbook): The Paleo Diet For Beginners Guide, Practical Solution For Weight Loss And Healthy Eating + 30 Healthy And. Paleo Diet - What Our Ancestors Didn't Tell Us About The Best Diet In History And How You Can Use It To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily (Paleo Recipes,. So many fad diets have come and gone, and for those of us who seek to live as healthfully as possible it can be difficult at times to sift through the plethora of literature out there. John Chatham guides you through the basics: what to eat, when to eat, how to change your buying habits. Chatham stresses the health benefits of this particular diet before delving into the weight loss perks, explaining that while losing weight is an important factor a healthy body is best way to change your life for the better and enable you stick to the plan.
The Paleo Diet (or Paleolithic diet) is an eating plan designed to get its participants back to the simplistic nourishment that one might have practiced in ancient, pre-agricultural times.

Author John Chatham uses it in the context of going way, way, way back to examine why so many of today’s diets just aren’t accomplishing our objectives of shedding pounds and developing toned muscles. Men and women that have tried numerous diets have found the Diet Solution program to be the best diet for them and you'll find many positive reviews for weight loss. The Paleo Diet avoids processed foods, foods that can be difficult for the body to process or digest, and foods which contain unhealthy chemicals and additives.Popular with athletes, the Paleo Diet focuses on weight loss and muscle tone through healthy eating of full-sized portions, rather than calorie counting, starvation, or unhealthy changes to diet.
The Paleo diet is revolutionary in the sense that it appears to be very effective at helping adherents increase energy, improve health and lose weight. The book also explains the different types of Paleo Diets that are on the market and helps the reader navigate to the best fitting Paleo Diet. The idea is that many diseases can be avoided by eating like prehistoric people did, and Chatham includes some research to support this finding. The Diet Solution Program is easy to follow and has a great list of delicious fat burning recipes to make healthy eating fun.
Millions of everyday people have found success with the Paleo Diet, and it has become one of the most popular fitness and weight loss regimens worldwide.Extensively researched and written in easy-to-understand language, The Paleo Diet Solution guides readers through every step of success with the Paleo Diet. Chatham is also direct and upfront about the beginning stages of the diet and difficulty you can face, when other diets are not as honest, this one wants you to succeed.
As Chatham illustrates, it was the rise of agriculture 10,000 years ago that led us, unknowingly, down the road toward obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
I felt like sharing my personal story with you guys in the hopes that I may be able to help someone who may be going through the same things I went through.
The book includes explanations of the history and different versions of the Paleo Diet, explains healthy eating the caveman way, and provides recipes and shopping guides to ensure success with the Paleo Diet regimen. In the Paleo Diet Solution the author clearly states why, how and what we need to do in order to gain ultimate health.
The best part of this book is that although this is a diet focusing on organic meats and produce, it comes with a food shopping budget so people of all economic backgrounds can enjoy this diet plan.
His knowledge of the Paleo diet is matched only by the way in which he has organized the chapter content, provided supporting evidence of its merits, and included easy-to-follow recipes, a great teaser for his companion text, “The Paleo Diet Solution Cookbook.” As with any new diet regimen, it’s essential that you discuss it first with your physician.

I strongly believe the cure for ails are found in nature; not a big fan of the natural ones.
There is also an A to Z food list to follow and a cookbook to complete your successful journey into the Paleo Diet. The diet is gluten-free, so a wide variety of people can try it out.I had heard of the Paleo diet before, but never knew much about it. This diet book, and the accompanying cookbook I plan to purchase for even more recipes, make it easy to follow and to stick with it. There are different variations of the Paleo diet, and I found that “The Middle Ground” works for me, which is a more modern approach to the diet.
Chatham’s book helped me plan my weekly meals and showed me which foods to avoid (dairy, legumes, high-fat meat). The author reports on the studies that have shown that removal of certain foods from the diet can clear up an assortment of digestive issues. As someone who suffers from digestive issues such as heartburn and stomach cramping, a diet that resolves this definitely appeals to me.The book is expertly organized, and presents the steps to following the Paleo diet in a simple, easy to follow manner. It’s a great resource, and I recommend reading it and trying out the diet as it definitely is a great alternative to some of the other diets out there! He even touches on the subject of how to deal with others reaction to your new lifestyle and gives tips on dining out. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in becoming healthier and losing weight in the process.

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