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While most doctors will tell you ketosis is something you want to avoid (because it could potentially lead to a buildup of ketones, causing ketoacidosis to set in), the fact is that it is one of the most remarkable feats of metabolic legerdemain you will likely ever find.
Like the Atkins Diet, the ketogenic diet В (particularly the one written by Lyle McDonald) relies upon the elimination of most carbohydrates from the diet for a predetermined period of time to allow ketosis to set in, creating an environment where your body burns all the fat it wants. Now, before you get overly excited and start throwing away all the bread and pasta in the house, there’s a laundry list of rules and directions to familiarize yourself with first. While Lyle McDonald suggests you can follow this cycle on a weekly basis, my own findings suggest that you’re not going to get enough out of the ketosis portion to really make a go of it.
To start this diet, you would begin on a Monday with zero carbs and continue that same diet plan for the next 12 days (that is, through the Friday of the following week). Super-recomposition refers to the 36-48 hour phase of the cyclical ketogenic diet where you force your muscles to basically gorge themselves on carbs. The amount of carbs you will eat during the super-recomposition phase is based on your lean bodyweight.
If you know your body fat percentage: multiply that percentage by your total bodyweight and then subtract that number from your total bodyweight. Next, at precisely 2 hours before the depletion workout (6AM), you will want to consume another 25-50g of equal parts glucose and fructose to help the liver begin to rebuild its glycogen stores.
Super-recomposition will constitute eating every 2 hours, starting immediately upon the end of your depletion workout and ending right before you go to bed. After that, the best sources of carbs are sugary and starchy things like cereal, candy, bread (NOT whole grain), rice, corn, pancakes & syrup, potato chips, pretzels, and white potatoes. Unlike on Day 1 when you ate a large serving of carbs before bed, on Day 2 you want to eat all your carbs during the day and less as the day drags on. One other thing that will change on this day is the fact that fat and protein will increase as a percentage of your intake. The first day following your super-recomposition (Monday), your muscles will be full of glucose and your glycogen stores should be filled to the brim.

I already mentioned two supplements – Inner Armour Glyco-Peak for your carb needs during day 1 of the super-recomposition and Iron Tek Essential Natural 100% Protein (which I use even when not on this program). Follow the above plan and you’re certain to see a dramatic positive shift in your lean body mass. Unless you have a hormonal issue working against you, proper diet and exercise will help you burn off those unwanted inches. By doing so, they will actually swell with fluid and nutrients, becoming stronger in the process. In the first 24 hours of super-recomposition, you will consume 10g of carbs per kilogram of lean bodyweight (1kg = 2.2lbs).
Now divide that number by 2.2 as shown above and then multiply by 10 to get the total number of grams of carbs to consume in the first 24hrs of the super-recomposition. On the second day of the super-recomposition, you reduce the number of carbs you’re eating by half. I performed my depletion workout at 8AM so that I’d have the entire day and evening to carb-load. The reason for this meal is to begin to kick out of ketosis andВ reactivate the liver enzymes required to better process carbs (and avoid storing fat during the carb loading). Over these two days, the ratios of fat and protein are less important than eating the full amount of carbs. By bedtime, you should have just a small serving of vegetables (though some people choose to return to zero carb by their final meal). If you choose not to use either of these, it will be important to find a good source of high-glycemic carbs. Vanadyl sulfate is also a potent insulin mimicker, however studies have shown it to prevent people from entering ketosis.
Simply hold the testing strip in your urine stream and within seconds the color of the strip will tell you the amount of ketones in your urine.

Diabetics try to avoid this state, but bodybuilders, fitness athletes, and anyone looking to get lean gladly invite and, indeed, even work to initiate the condition.
Over time, you’ll notice your muscles losing size and strength due to the lack of regular carbohydrates. What’s worse, however, is that you could potentially store fat from the super-recomposition.
The other 4 days break down as 2 days of super-recomposition and the 2 days following that trying to get back into ketosis (the fastest I’ve ever done it was 36hrs).
Atkins and Lyle McDonald say you can eat as much as 20-30g of carbs per day and still maintain ketosis, many people will find that high of an intake foiling their efforts. As you might imagine, this creates something of an anabolic environment in the body, which is beneficial not just for muscle sparing, but for muscle building, as well. Finally, multiply that number by 10 to get the number of grams of carbohydrates you should eat over the first 24 hrs. In the example above, I’d round the Day 1 carbs to around 700 and the Day 2 carbs to around 350. Unfortunately, there is a good amount of preparation required before the depletion workout so as to prepare the body for super-recomposition. Eat the grains and fruit during the first half of the day and the veggies in the later half. You can do an entire body workout both days or divide up the muscle groups between the two days.

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