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Food companies the world over are paying close attention to the groundswell of support for food transparency, the "know where your food comes from" movement. The plant's harvest floor, where the cattle are first stunned and killed with a bolt to the head, smells of manure, blood and flesh. The Brazilian multinational is the largest global producer of beef, chicken and lamb, and no. Holsteins, a cattle breed with black and white spots, are hung up by their hind legs, moving down a conveyor belt in various states of disassembly. She says the meat industry's reluctance to be more transparent has made meat processing appear secretive, scary and mysterious to most meat eaters.

But even JBS is now joining the chorus of large food makers caving to consumer demand for more information about how food goes from field to plate.
A lot of your taco filler is made out of cheek meat and head meat." Taco meat is just the beginning. When asked why photos were not allowed to be taken within the company's harvest floor, JBS's Bill Rupp said it's about control. Bruett says when your immediate customers are other businesses, there's little value in telling your story. Last year, the company logged four worker deaths in North America, including one at its Greeley plant.

It's also gotten scrutiny from antitrust officials, who worry that consolidation in the meatpacking industry is leaving ranchers with few options to sell.

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