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Remember: whenever you’re trying to figure out what food is healthiest for you (gives you energy, helps you maintain stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight), look for high protein, high fiber, low carbohydrates, and low sugar. It's likely that more than half of your grocery budget goes to foods that come in a bag, box, or can.
Anyway luckily I came upon this article in Women’s Health today, which included this infographic showing exactly how much you have to exercise to work off the calories from different types of yummy evil food.

In this guide, we feature the key nutritional information for a variety of popular snack foods. Take a look and learn how to choose snacks that are tasty, fill you up, and keep you healthy – so you can Live Fully!
But scan a typical ingredients panel and you'll see that what you're really paying for is a lot of added fat, sodium, and chemical preservatives.

To help you get more nutritional bang for your buck, our team of pros did a supermarket sweep for the buys that are as beneficial for you as they are for your wallet.

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