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If you’re looking for new healthy vegetable side dishes to round out your Thanksgiving meal, our Thanksgiving vegetables recipes are delicious additions to Thanksgiving dinner.
Corn and Squash Pudding (above) This tasty side dish gets a twist with the added bonus of squash. Green Bean Casserole With Crispy Shallots Skip the soup in a can in this quintessential Thanksgiving side dish and make a creamy sauce using low-fat milk instead. Three-Cheese Macaroni If you serve macaroni and cheese at your Thanksgiving feast, make it this lower-fat version.

Whether you’re vegan or entertaining a vegan guest for Thanksgiving, our healthy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving, featuring many vegetable side dishes and grain side dishes, are perfect to round out a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Our vegetable recipes for Thanksgiving, including squash recipes, cabbage recipes, green bean recipes, Brussels sprout recipes, beet recipes, chard recipes and parsnip recipes, are easy, delicious side dishes for Thanksgiving. Luckily, this meal is all about the side dishes, many of which are meatless, or can be easily adjusted into vegetarian recipes.
Vegetarians beware: the meat-lovers at you Thanksgiving table are sure to love this dish, so make enough for everyone.

Try our easy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving for flavorful dishes both vegans and nonvegans at your Thanksgiving table will enjoy.
These healthy recipes are all meatless so will please vegetarian guests, but are so delicious they’ll be favored by meat-lovers as well.

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