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Pressure cookers come into their own during winter, but they’re wonderful pots to use all year around. Due to the high pressures involved in pressure cooking, explosion is a risk if the pressure is not regulated effectively. Certain foods aren’t suitable for pressure cooking, because of the way they expand and froth up, potentially blocking the pressure regulator. Pressure cookers replicate the effects of long, slow simmering, but in roughly one third of the time. While most pressure cookers are stovetop, which means they use the heat from your gas, electric or induction cooker, you can buy pressure cookers that work like an electrical appliance, using their own source of heat. An electric pressure cooker will usually have a wider range of features and options, and may even sport an LCD display, with integrated timer, temperature and pressure settings.
Pressure cooking is a different type of cooking, and that means that you will need to learn some different cooking techniques and use different recipes. The essential steps of pressure cooking is to brown, sautГ© and stir your starting ingredients, just on the base of the open pressure cooker like you would with any other pot. Le Domaine sells pressure cookers from three brands, Tefal, Baccarat and Fagor, as well as electric pressure cookers from NewWave. Before I talk about what features each pressure cooker brand sports, I should cover the features they all share.
Bonded bases: All pressure cookers stocked by Le Domaine feature bonded stainless steel and aluminium bases.
Safety features: As mentioned before, all pressure cookers must have basic safety features. Included steaming basket: Many pressure cooker recipes call for the use of a steaming basket.
Tefal pressure cookers are unique for their very easy to use, one-touch opening mechanism, which is great for both first time users and experienced owners. NewWave Multicookers are electric pressure cookers – as well as slow cookers, rice cookers and soup makers!
Good recipes, but I would have like to see some for electric and not just stove tops, having said that I do use it often. Read on to learn about how pressure cookers work, some great recipes to try, and what to look for when you buy one.

Especially good for those delicious warming winter recipes like stews, casseroles, curries and braises, a pressure cooker delivers the benefits of slow cooking in far less time than standard stovetop or oven cooking. As you’d expect by looking at it, the lid of a pressure cooker is where the magic is. A pressurised environment is created in a pressure cooker by adding water, which boils and creates steam. Normally, pressure is regulated through the main pressure regulator, but in cases where this is not functional, or is blocked with food, pressure can build up to intolerable levels.
This includes dumplings, oatmeal, cranberries and macaroni – although they can be added to a final recipe and cooked with the lid off safely. By using superheated water and pressurised steam, connective tissue in meat is broken down, hard unsoaked beans become tender and fully cooked, and even large amounts of meat like whole chickens cook all the way through – all usually within half an hour to 45 minutes. Pressure cooking requires far less water than normal boiling, so flavours and nutrients that leach into water are better preserved within the food. For this reason, most pressure cookers come with a basic recipe book, containing essential dishes you can build on later.
From roast chicken pressure cooker recipes, cooking a whole chicken in under 45 minutes, to vegetarian recipes, with dried beans and no soaking required, a good pressure cooker recipe will take best advantage of the unique cooking properties of a pressure cooker.
You then add vegetables, spices and some water to your browning meat, pop the lid on and select the required pressure setting. Here I will explain a little about the features of each brand, to help you make a decision about which pressure cooker is for you. Pressure cookers must have locks which prevent opening before depressurising, and multiple redundant safety pressure release valves. The favoured choice of restaurant chefs and professionals, Fagor pressure cookers are made in Spain, and are fuss free, heavy duty and very reliable.
With folding handles, dual pressure settings, and high quality French-made construction, Tefal pressure cookers are considered some of the best in the consumer market. The lid of a pressure cooker creates a very tight seal, trapping steam in the vessel beneath while pressure builds and builds inside the cooker.
As the steam builds up, pressure increases, and both the water and evaporated steam increase in temperature – up to around 120В°C. Luckily, all modern pressure cookers are required by law to have multiple redundant pressure release valves.

Again, even if these foods were to block the pressure regulator, there are usually at least three other safety valves to prevent problems.
Further, because food is cooked together in a sealed environment, aromas and flavours from herbs, vegetables, stock and meat juices all infuse together, instead of evaporating into the air while you cook. Some recipes make use of the steamer basket included in many pressure cookers, which keeps food off the base of the pressure cooker so it is only cooked by the pressurised steam, and not the water in the base of the pot. With dual pressure settings, you can use recipes that call for intense pressure cooking or slower and less intense pressure. For really easy to use operation, the Tefal Acticook range of pressure cookers also sport a removable timer.
Set the temperature low and the pressure normal, and you have a great slow cooker for long, 5 hour+ meals.
The lid incorporates some safety features, such as pressure release valves to regulate pressure to a safe amount, as well as features to set the desired pressure for cooking, and depressurising and unlocking the cooker when it’s time to open and serve. This means that even if the main pressure regulator breaks, and even if one (or two) of the safety valves break at the same time, there will still be other release valves to depressurise the cooker safely. This timer starts counting down once pressure inside the vessel has reached the desired amount, and is able to be removed from the lid and carried around with you. These are just a few of the speedy recipes that Suzanne Gibbs shares with you in this book. Beautiful photography abounds, as well as practical tips on the purchase, use and cleaning of a pressure cooker.If you or someone you know wants to cook delicious meals in less time and within the contraints of a budget (cheaper ingredients can be used to great effect in a pressure cooker), then The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book will be a winning purchase. There are not many Australian books dedicated to pressure cooking, and her book has a good range of recipes.
Here I’ll attempt to cover most of the common questions about pressure cookers, but if you have your own, feel free to ask in the comments!
Also tell you until the degree of adjustment, so few failed, according to the accompanying recipe books, Cook for the first time in professional grade finish!

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