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Check out what readers have said about the recipes book — Click here to see a list of all the included Candida diet recipes and also testimonials from 9 of the taste testers. The most common question on everyone’s mind at the moment is whether or not we should be eating sugar. Stress Response Natural sugar is fuel and will always be the most preferred source of fuel for our bodies, but Cassie says when you quit sugar your body will look for an alternative source, which triggers the fight or flight stress hormones — adrenaline and cortisol — to work in over-drive to help out. Accelerated Ageing And if that wasn’t enough — quitting sugar is also said to speed up the ageing process! So in looking into how to get rid of sugar I saw notices for the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet Program I had to investigate. If you are addicted to sugar and need to push it out of your life, this is the most important page you will read all year.
As I went through this program I found that quitting sugar was more involved than I’d thought, so learned quite a bit in the process. The 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet is provided in the form of a large PDF document with instructions and guides organized in a practical format. As I read thru it, it became clear that there are a number of things that can trip you up trying to get off sugar. The program includes diet guidelines and recipes to put a full diet in place so it could act as an ongoing diet.

If you’ve heard enough and just want this program, click here for the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet Program . So even if you have no energy and your thinking has gone all foggy from the yeasties causing havoc in your system… you just follow my meal plan.
While there is evidence to suggest that sugars of the refined type — white, brown, cane — shouldn't have a place in our bodies, natural sugars found in fruit, honey and sweet root vegetables should be part of a healthy, balanced diet.
Cassie says, with little to no sugar in your diet, blood sugars become low forcing stress hormones to go into over-drive to raise the blood sugar back up. And that healthy sugar-eaters will store sugar to provide long-lasting energy until breakfast. I’ve also struggled with my weight over the years so developed a keen interest and involvement in the different nutritional approaches to weight loss and sugar detox. Was this just a rip-off package of food lists designed to take money from people who desperately need a Sugar Detox Diet – or was it something truly of value.
Foods that are obviously full of sugar are easy to identify, but there are many that might not be so easy to spot. It is focused however on easing those first few weeks of sugar deprivation, so it could also be used as a transition into a low carb or Paleo diet. That’s the argument of nutritionist, conformed sugar-eater and now author of Don’t Quit Sugar ($22.49), Cassie Platt, who is stepping up to bust the myths surrounding sugar and the dangers of a following a sugar-restricted diet.

But when there are no sugar-stores, the stress hormones will cause a range of night-time symptoms like insomnia, waking with a fast heart rate, nightmares, night sweats and even waking during the night to urinate. My initial concern was that becoming sugar-free or at least reducing an addiction to sugar might not be easy, but should be simple enough not to have to buy a 21-day Sugar Detox to do it. It generally fit within the characteristics of a low carb diet so would do especially well as a first step before adopting a low carb lifestyle. I had become too used to my mid day sugary coffee, my after dinner dessert, and my nightly glass (or two) of wine. Her objective during the 3 week program is to help participants learn to shop for, cook, and eat delicious meals that will lead to healthy and happy lives, without sugar. The issue of sugar highs and lows is also a problem that has to be dealt with or the sugar lows will drive you back to your favorite sweets.В  Fortunately, the 21-Day Detoxification seems to have covered everything, to make your run at this detox program a success.
Both documents could also stand alone as a tool for those who perhaps don’t need anything more than a tool for just removing some sugar from their diet.

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