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Comments: The fruit of the Strawberry Tree are born on the outstretched branches of the tree. Comments: Sweet Calabash is a passion fruit relative that produces beautiful flowers and a unique hard shelled fruit that can be eaten fresh, with sugar, or used for juice. Most of our plants are certified for shipping to California, however, certain plants are not certified. Rare exotic variety of Sugar apple (Custard Apple) with red skin, with sweeter taste and wonderful flavor.This item is certified for shipping to California.

The fruit doesn't break apart like regular Sugar Apples when you open a ripe fruit, and the skin can be peeled off. One of the best subtropical fruit trees, small tree, starts fruiting right away, relatively cold hardy. The trees are highly ornamental and fast growing providing a good source of shade and a fruit that is a favorite among children. This plant drops leaves during winter-spring.This is the best species of Annona suited for container growing, due to its small heightThis item is certified for shipping to California.

Needs bottom heat for faster germination, it takes one to two years for seedlings to start producing flowers.

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