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3 easy paleo smoothie recipes weight loss, Paleo, or paleolithic diets have become increasingly popular especially for weight loss. Green Smoothie has a pleasant taste to most people, regardless of their lifestyle and culinary preferences.
When you consume salads and leafy green smoothie form vastly reduce the amount of oil and salt in the diet. Although fresh are always the best smoothie green sites withstand low temperatures up to 3 days, which makes them easy to be consumed at work or on trips.
They are high in anthocyanins which are a form of a plant derived antioxidant which lower your cholesterol and promote heart health. You mixed well, the majority of cells in the leaves and break, making the nutrients to be more easily assimilated by the body.

Instead, green juices you take long, it’s expensive and make a mess during production.
Of course, you have to be careful and to gradually focus on the quantity of green smoothie, to avoid food allergies. After several weeks of consuming green smoothie, most people are craving and want to consume more salads and green leaves.
Acai berries also fight harmful organisms which strengthens our immune systems and since it's filled with Vitamin C they fight off cancer by stopping the cancer growth. I'm just a mom and wrapreneur that's trying to help people live a healthier and wealthier life! The consumption of 2–3 glasses of green smoothie a day will bring enough chlorophyll, and all nutrients will be easily assimilated.

It also keeps our digestive system healthy, improves cellular health, is known to slow down and reverse aging effects such as wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, and they are energy boosters! With these simple steps and few ingredients you will feel energized, full, and ready to conquer the day! The ProFit comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and it is an Ultimate Superfood Nutrition Mix providing a blend of protein for the entire family!

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