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Smart for Life Cookie Diet 7-Day Meal Replacements - Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Squares - 84 ct. The cookies contain numerous functional ingredients: SuperFiber, flax seed, oats, soy beans, egg protein, milk protein, fish oil, canola oil, lean protein and other natural and organic ingredients.
The Smart Cookies are made with all-natural, gluten-free, and 60% organic ingredients with HeroFiberTM and are scientifically formulated to be the perfect balance of fiber, protein and good carbohydrates that help naturally suppress the appetite — absolutely no drugs or toxic preservatives are included. Using the cookies as meal replacements for breakfast, lunch and snacks and preparing a lean protein and smart vegetable dinner will provide all the nutrients required to maintain optimal health. The cookies contain natural appetite suppressants, proteins and SuperFiber which also keep hunger under control.

They are minimally processed with healthy, natural ingredients that provide necessary nutrition with the benefit of appetite suppression for hunger control. There are many definitions of fad diet, but often they are characterized by making weight loss claims that are simply not supported, scientifically. Eating 6 cookies a day along with your evening meal, provides the optimal amount of protein for a healthy lifestyle.
Each Smart Cookie is a meal replacement that when eaten throughout the day along with a low fat, healthy dinner, participants may lose up to 15 lbs.
Your kidneys and liver rely on water to complete the fat burning process necessary for healthy weight loss to take place.

Every day replace your breakfast, lunch and snacks with just 110 calories per Smart Cookie.

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