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Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme that treats patients who struggle with overweight or obesity. Only Slender Wonder accredited doctors, who were trained by the organisation, are allowed to prescribe and distribute the programme. This is what makes the Slender Wonder programme different from other weight loss programmes. Slender Wonder is not a diet based on kilojoules but a formula based on the glycemic index of food.
Together with the Slender Wonder products (shake and tablets) and injections the formula ‘enables’ the body to improve Leptin sensitivity. When this happens, it will make no difference what diet they follow as weight gain will occur due to Leptin resistance.

The Slender Wonder program focuses on restoring the Leptin hormone levels situated in the unwanted abnormal fat cells (found around the hips, tummy, thighs, upper arms and the buttocks). The actual Slender Wonder program works on a medical formula consisting of daily injections, certain dietary programs, protein shakes and well researched supplements to ensure fast and medically safe weight-loss. The Slender Wonder doctor will then introduce the Elite Pack to you (which is the first month’s package).
It is important to visit your Slender Wonder doctor regularly during the weight loss program (at least once a month), please schedule routine consultations with your doctor as the Slender Wonder products can ONLY be purchased from your Slender Wonder doctor. Since Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss program doctors charges may differ from area to area as there are no set costs for patient consultations.
The information in this article has been supplied byВ Anneke Odendaal from Slender Wonder,В our aim is to educate you about the various Diet programs allowing you to decide which best suits your needs.

Leptin sensitivity is normalized with the Slender Wonder program and patients maintain their weight far easier than with any other program.
The Slender Wonder products with the prescribed eating plan and the intake of plenty of water helps restore the Leptin hormone thus helping the patient lose a large percentage of weight and fat mass in a short period.
By the time you reach the maintenance phase your Leptin levels should be restored preventing you from putting on the weight again as long as you maintain a healthy diet.

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