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There are four tricks that I generally use to help make the foods on her plate a little more fun and hopefully more appealing.В  I love love love fancy toddler meals that look like bears, snowmen or mermaids, like the amazing ones at Creative Food, but most days I just don’t have the time to make her snacks and meals into a masterpiece! These four easy snack ideas for picky toddlers are relatively simple to put together if you only do one or two at a time, and they are versatile enough that you can use them with nearly any food. I bought a few multi-sized cookie cutters at Michaels awhile back and they really make snacks look more fun!В  (I think they were actually meant for cake decorating). We will be in contact with you within the next 2 business days to set up a time for you to visit our program and see our teachers and curriculum in action. Smoothies are really great for toddlers because they are delicious and you can pack them full of vitamins and nutrition.
The beauty of a delicious and healthy breakfast cake is that it can be eaten any time of the day as a snack.
I have a very picky 6yr old, some of these recipes i think hed really enjoy and are healthy for him.
Most of all, I want the room to be appropriate for him now but also flexible enough to grow with him so I don’t want to change the whole thing in another year.
Personally, I can’t wait until my kids’ playroom is something other than a corner of our living room, so I wish you good luck and look forward to borrowing ideas down the road!
We do a complete range of safety protective products, including an extensive range of zero maintenance artificial grass products for external play areas.
With temperatures flirting with 100 degrees last week, I decided it was time to update with some healthy summer snack ideas that are very popular with Liam.

I made these red, white and blue popsicles for the Fourth of July and Liam flipped over them.
Kitchen area: Santa brought Liam this kitchen set for Christmas which will absolutely get a designated space in the room. Reading Areas: We read a lot and I want to make sure there are several different places for reading in the playroom.
They were adorable but the three steps of freezing is something I’d save for a special occasion.
I usually try to limit it because for me, eating salsa usually means eating massive amounts of chips. To ensure that they are not too full to eat proper meals, and to keep the junk level down, I frequently make our snacks from scratch.
I’m always amazed to see Liam and his toddler friends sitting and eating together so nicely at their tiny little table. I would love to recreate a page from the PB Kids catalog but the reality is the budget for this project is limited. Here’s the full recipe for the Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake at For The Love of Cooking. We got a little table (a hand-me-down) which I’m hoping to jazz up with some paint and perhaps make one of these genius oil cloth covers for our messier projects.
In particular, bins that store in a tilted forward position so you can see the contents are so much better than those that have to be slid out.

We needed a true playroom that was dedicated to all things toddler but still close enough to the heart of the house that it wasn’t too far from the action.
For example, we have futon from college days that I’ve contemplated using as seating in the playroom. Add to the that my weakness for a good ice cream cone on a hot summer night (a weakness Liam seems to share)В and healthy summer eating isn’t quite as simple as it seems. For us, two huge but cheap (Ikea) bookshelves (anchored to the wall) are still in heavy use.
What I’ve tried to develop is a small repertoire of snack recipes that feel like summer treats but are made with healthy ingredients. They are small enough to work for toddlers, but large enough for an adult to sit in — so they will certainly grow with the kids too.
And of course, with a toddler, goal number one is finding snacks that get the thumbs up from a small and very unpredictable food critic.

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