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But it so happened that the enthusiastic me, while trying to migrate to my own domain, managed to delete a bunch of my recipes (59 recipes in fact!!) Among those was this recipe and I would have left it as it is, if not for this gal pal of mine. I have tried many variations of this dish and all of have come out tasting like restaurant made snacks. I know this can be made by sandwiching green chutney too, but for the first time, I wanted to make it simple. The Husband who used to scowl at eating snacks of any kind (except the super healthy types), has started "demanding" for evening snacks when he gets home from work in the recent months.

And not any snacks - he needs the "fresh from the oven", "fried yet low calorie", "interesting stuff" etc etc.
Its enjoyed as a snack more often where potatoes are boiled, mashed and cooked with onions and spices, coated with a batter made with besan (Indian chickpea flour) + rice flour and deep fried. I remembered this recipe of urs and took out my kuzipaniyaram pan and started making these. For all those worried about the weight of the pan to carry overseas, it is available in lightweight non-stick version as well :wink: Most kids love these snacks!

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