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If you've got some of Cinco de Mayo's best condiment lying around, make your own seis (or siete or ocho) de Mayo sandwich. As far as the sandwich - my nephews, sister and I have been eating and making something similar to that for years.
When my nephews were at Montessori they used to call this type of sandwich "The Thief Maker" because there was a teacher who couldn't resist stealing my nephews sandwiches from them under the guise of it being too much for them to eat. It's still called "The Thief Maker" 15 years later because you cannot eat this sandwich in my sister's house without someone trying to steal it right out of your hands or off your plate in between bites. So after whipping up a batch of homemade guac for a recent party, I used the remaining deliciousness to make a vegetarian sandwich on my new favorite chili bread.
We develop recipes, bake, photograph and willingly consume all of the delicious delicacies that pass through our kitchen.

You should have about 2 cups (loosely packed)В of chopped vegetables in total; chop less if you want fewer veggies in your sandwich. I often forget about the joy of a well-made sandwich, because usually I’m so keen on hot comfort foods.
We always have hummus and pesto in the fridge and layering it on soft sandwich bread and veg looks great! With my basil plant finally thriving, I’ve been adding a few of the leaves to the tomato sandwiches. One sandwich I do love to make is a veggie BLT: veggie bacon, slices of ripe red tomato, crisp romaine and Vegenaise on toasted sour dough. I like to put the tomatoes on the top layer of the sandwich and spread pesto on the top slice of bread.

I had a similar sandwich at a cafe recently, but they skipped the salt & pepper on the veggies, a really bad mistake.
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