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5-Ingredient Cookbook: Fresh Food FastThese quick and healthy recipes combine fresh ingredients with pantry staples for speedy meals you'll feel great about eating.
Herbed butter melts atop baked fish hot from the oven, filling your kitchen with wonderful fragrance. Fish seldom make a midweek dinner, but that shouldn't be a reason not to make this quick and easy recipe tonight.

Brush both sides of the snapper filets with the butter mixture, reserving the remaining butter mixture.
With one fish per person, this recipe works well for a quiet evening alone or a rowdy dinner party among friends.
Enjoy a healthy meal in well under a half an hour any day of the week.Red snapper is one of the most popular fish.

This recipe features the flavors of lemon and tarragon, with lemon adding a hint of citrus and tarragon lending an anise flavor.

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