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There are many things that one needs to consider in order to get a good red eared slider turtle’s habitat. Many red eared slider turtles only make it to be a couple of years old due to ignorance on the owner’s part.
After get a tank that best suits your needs the next thing one would need for a red eared turtles habitat would be the lighting that a red eared slider turtle needs to have for basking and heating purposes. While you are deciding on who to feed red eared slider turtles, you should know that whatever you feed them must be given to them in the water. When trying to figure out what do red eared slider turtles eat, you need to know what sort of leafy greens and plants to feed them.
Overall, the main diet for red eared slider turtles includes the non-toxic aquarium plants and other leafy greens such as romaine. By mixing it up, and providing the red eared slider a variety in its diet, the turtle will be both happier and healthier. Other pets may become finicky or even ill from changes in its diet, but the red eared slider is different in that respect.
There are many products out there that are commercially made that can be given to a red eared slider as food.
Meat items that a red eared slider would eat as part of a regular diet would be earthworms, wax worms, silkworm, blood worm, meal worm aquatic snails, crickets, krill, daphnia, shrimp, apple snail, pond snail, rosy red minnows, guppies, and mosquito larvae. Vegetation items that a red eared slider would eat as part of a regular diet would include red leaf lettuce, kale, dandelion greens, water hyacinth, duckweed, azolla, water lettuce, water lilies, elodea, carrots, amazon swords, water fern, anacharis, hornwort, and frog bit. The next item that one would want to remember is that red eared slider will not be able to handle all vegetables and fruit that are out there do some research and figure out what is best for the red eared slider. There are a number of supplements that one can get for a red eared slider; food is one of the best ways to disperse the vitamin. You should keep in mind the red eared slider size averages, if you are looking at purchasing one. The information varies, but the average size for a red eared slider is said to be between six inches and twelve inches.
So, that red eared slider you are thinking about bringing home—measuring maybe an inch or two as a baby—you’re going to need to invest in at least a 20 gallon tank right away.
So, when looking at whether you want to make the investment in a red eared slider you definitely want to consider the red eared slider size and what that means for you. The red eared slider lifespan, if properly cared for, has been known to stretch into multiple decades. Now, some might have a pet red eared slider that has lasted only a few months or years before reaching the end of its lifespan. Another thing to keep in mind if trying to lengthen a red eared slider’s lifespan is to keep an eye on the turtle’s overall health.
Mainly, the threats to a red eared slider’s lifespan are centered on a handful of various infections, which lead to illness and death if not addressed.
Determining the gender of a red eared slider can be difficult luckily there are a number of different ways to tell the red eared slider gender. One of the first ways that one can determine the gender of a red eared slider is by its tail.
The next way one would be able to determine the gender of a red eared slider is to look at the size of the red eared slider. The third way one can determine the gender of a red eared slider would be the coloring of the streak around where the ears should be. The fourth way that one can use to determine the gender of a red eared slider would be the front nails of a slider. The final way one can determine the gender of a red eared slider would be look at where the Cloaca is located.
Determining the gender of a red eared slider can be hard and then again it can be very easy.
Red eared slider breeding can be more than just putting two red eared sliders in the same tank and letting nature takes its course. Once you have determined that the female red eared slider is ready for breeding it would be a good idea to get a separate tank at first for breeding and if the breeding goes successfully you should be able to adjust this tank for the babies later.
The red eared sliders have a mating dance that will determine if the female red eared slider is receptive to the mating.В  The male red eared slider will swim toward the female red eared slider and start to touch her face with his long front claws. When you have had a successful breeding session it is advised to remove the female red eared slider to a tank that is properly set up for her. The rule of thumb for red eared sliders and most other turtles is 10 gallons per inch of turtle.
Earthworms, crickets, snails, minnows and small live fish, bugs, insects in general, shrimp, possible vegetation they would eat in freshwater. When feeding my turtles I was trying to stick to a 40% rule of using pellet food because this make sure that they get the needed nutritional value in their diet. This no longer needs to be the case there are plenty of resources out there that can help give a red eared slider turtle a healthy and happy life. The area that is set up for a red eared slider turtle to bask should between 90-95 degree Fahrenheit and the lighting should be well secured to avoid any electrical problems that may occur. The tank should be set up with a basking area with dry non-organic materials and a water area where the red eared slider turtle is able to drink and cool off.

There are some people that set up habitats in their back yard with ponds and landscape while there are others out there that have exquisite tanks set up while there are others that have a basic set up for a red eared slider turtle.
This is important, because red eared slider turtles—like other turtles—have no saliva glands, so they need the water in their habitats to help them begin digesting their food. Beyond that, red eared slider turtles eat a variety of worms including earthworms, meal worms, and blood worms.
Well, a core staple in caring for your red eared slider will be the traditional turtle food pellets available at most pest stores that deal in exotic pets. This can include earthworms, meal worms, silk worms, wax worms, blood worms, and aquatic snails. You should always be sure you’re feeding your red eared slider healthy, clean food, though. At the same time, as you try different foods for your red eared slider, you will be able to tell what they like better, helping to increase their happiness. These commercially made products should not be more than 25% of the red eared sliders food supply though. A red eared slider will “beg” for food but do not be fooled over feeding a red eared slider can be just as dangerous as not feeding a red eared. There are some people out there that will say that you can feed the red eared slider one item or another and then the next page you look at someone else will be saying that those items are not good for the red eared slider.
Make sure that you know how much vitamins and minerals are needed so that you are not giving a red eared slider too much of a certain kind of vitamin that may cause the red eared slider more harm than good. While the red eared slider is not one of the largest turtles out there, it does get large enough that you will either start out with an oversized tank, or go through several tanks as the turtle ages.
To further break it down, the average red eared slider male is known to get between 8 and 10 inches long.
So, your average red eared slider sized between ten and twelve inches would mean you’d need a tank of one hundred gallons or more. Many people are never aware of the lifespan of the red eared slider when they first look at buying one, especially as a low maintenance pet for their children. The mating tank should be about 30 gallons big and fill it with room temperature water high enough that the red eared slider could mate but not deep enough that the female will be able to breathe. The male red eared slider may also take the time to swim around the female red eared slider before they start breeding. Make sure that the water is extremely clean during this period and that the female red eared slider has a good heating area for basking. During the last two weeks of gestation the female red eared slider may start spending more time on land digging trying to find a good place to lay her eggs.
This means that when your red eared slider is full grown at 12 inches, that would mean for that turtle to have 120 gallons of water to live in.
One needs to make sure that when they are setting up the red eared slider turtle that they do not place to much lighting near the water because the water area should be between 70-75 degree Fahrenheit.
When one looks at ways to maintain the red eared slider turtles water habitat they need to remember that there are filtration systems that can be installed. Making sure that a red eared slider turtles habitat is as close to their natural habitat will assist in making the red eared slider turtle a healthy and happy life.
When it comes to feeding red eared slider turtles, one of the key concepts to keep in mind is variety. The wide selection of food for red eared slider turtles is paramount to their healthy, balanced diet.
You surely don’t want to put toxic plants into your red eared slider’s tank, causing them to fall ill or even die. If the turtle has a loss of appetite or starts reacting badly to its food, this could be early signs of an illness. The same place you purchased your red eared slider from should have plenty of this in stock, so that will be easy.
Aside from that, the red eared slider is known to eat small fish such as goldfish, minnows, and guppies. If live food is sick, or other contaminants enter into the supply, the red eared slider will most likely also suffer.
The red eared slider is an omnivore and very close to a carnivore when they are first born. Remember that red eared sliders eat in the water, if you do place the red eared slider in a different container to eat make sure that there is enough water in there that the red eared slider is able to eat. One of the best ways to determine what to feed a red eared slider is to look at what it eats and how it responds to the food you are giving it.
The one thing to remember when looking at the size of your red eared slider and for every inch you should have 10 gallons to have enough space for a red eared slider. You need to know the standard red eared slider size, so you know if you are going to have enough room to properly house one.
The average female red eared slider turtle is known to get to be somewhere between 10 and 12 inches. By not properly considering and preparing for the total size of the red eared slider, you will run into problems. If the turtle’s tank is not cleaned regularly to encourage hygienic conditions, it is more likely the red eared slider’s lifespan will be cut short, for example.

If the turtle’s shell becomes soft or develops lesions, or the red eared slider’s skin develops sores, discoloration of the shell or skin, or discharge from the nose or mouth, these are all signs that you should seek a veterinarian’s help for the health of your red eared slider.
By properly taking care of the red eared slider, however, their natural lifespan can easily make it a lifelong pet.
The male red eared slider has long pronounced claws where the female red eared slider has short almost nonexistence nails. One would want to make sure they are aware if they have a male or a female red eared slider to know if one needs to be set up a different habitat. During this part of the breeding process the female red eared slider may start eating less and this is normal.
When breeding a red eared slider it is important to have an area that the female red eared slider can lay her eggs. As far as the rest of their diet, you need to compare it to what they would eat in natural habitat of the outdoors. The red eared slider turtle tend to grow quickly at first and get to be anywhere from 10-12 inches big that would indicate one would need a 120 gallon tank at full size of the red eared slider turtle.
Feeding the red eared slider turtle in a different container with water is one way to help keep the water clean. The red eared slider diet is a mixed diet of leafy greens, worms, fish, insects, and nutritional supplements such as standard turtle pellets.
If you try to feed the red eared slider the same food all the time, time after time, they will grow disinterested in eating, even depressed. Like taking care of any living creature, you must educate yourself about your red eared slider.
If offered only one type of food repeatedly, over a long period of time, the red eared slider’s diet will suffer.
People often provide insects to their red eared sliders as treats as well such as crickets. So, by finding the right mix for your red eared slider diet, you will be keeping them healthier for longer. The other thing to remember when you get a red eared slider and are determining the size of the aquarium that you will need is that they grow quickly and if one decides to get a smaller tank to start with it will need to be expanded within a few months. Now, that may not seem like that much of problem, if the red eared slider size is usually going to be a foot or less in length, but it is something to think about. The red eared slider size considerations are actually a reason they do not make good pets for a lot of people.
In reality, the red eared slider lifespan depends on how you care for your red eared slider. Failure to heed these warning signs could surely shorten the lifespan of a red eared slider. Please remember these gender determining methods are best used on red eared sliders that are four inches or longer in size. This would mean that if one was to turn a red eared slider around and see a thick tail it is more likely that the red eared slider is a male. The gender of a red eared slider is also important for those out there that would like to bread the red eared slider. Generally the red eared slider is able to start breeding at about 5 years of age or when the female is about 6 inches or 15 cms. If the female is receptive then she will accept the male red eared slider and they will start mating.
Keeping an eye on not just what to feed your red eared slider turtle, but also how they are eating what they are being given is important. The red eared sliders will also need the nutritional supplements available in standard turtle food pellets. If properly cared for, the red eared slider lifespan is known to range between 20 and 50 years.
These will show up as discolored, pitted, often foul smelling spots on the red eared slider’s shell.
This would mean to tell the gender of a red eared slider one would look for a bigger red eared slider for the female and a smaller one for the male. By chance if the female red eared slider is not receptive you will need to remove the male before they start fighting and then you can try the breeding process over again in a couple of days. When breeding the red eared slider it is important to understand they may lay anywhere from 2 to 20 eggs. This variety in their diet is part of what defines the red slider turtles and insures their health. The red eared slider diet is a key component in taking good care of the turtle, so it can experience the long lifespan it is known for.
Red eared sliders are also known to suffer from eye infections, typically caused by a Vitamin A deficiency.

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