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This, my friends, is all the evidence you will ever need that you can never go wrong with a Suzanne Goin recipe (also: that ugly food is the tastiest). Remove the chicken from the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking, to bring it to room temperature. Toss the chicken thighs in the bowl with the mustard mixture, slathering them completely, and then rearrange them over the braised leeks. Turn the oven up to 475°F and cook the chicken thighs another 10 minutes, until the breadcrumbs are golden brown.
You can pair these with the chicken dish above but seriously, if this recipe seems too daunting altogether, at least promise you’ll make these alone. When I saw these pictures pop up on Flickr, I started compulsively checking SK for the post.
Mario Batali does a Devil’s Chicken in his cookbook and serves it at his nyc restaurant LUPA. I’ve had this recipe saved for 4 months, waiting for the right time to make it and that was gong to be this weekend, until I found out I will be working OT both days!
This was my first go at cooking chicken thighs and working with leeks – the whole dish was fabulous! Made this last night, and it was *fabulous.* I used 15 boneless skinless thighs (from Costco) folded over, and did not brown them before baking.
We just finished off a half-batch of this recipe and it was really delicious while at the same time quite unique. I made the braised leeks this weekend (saving the chicken for another day) and they came out well. I made this a couple of days back and instead of discarding the marinade from the chicken I cooked it off with the shallots, and OH, MY GOD!! With regards to the chicken skin, I would brown the thighs in the skin, then remove the skin before baking. The only other significant modification I made was to substitute sweet vermouth for the dry.

So I made these for mother’s day the year of this post, and I have been thinking about them ever sense.
So I hear you re the braised leeks are amazing, but I was wondering if you think the chicken would be good enough on it’s own (I want to cut down on the fussiness) and whether it can be prepared in advance (re the bread crumbs). BY now your blog became #1 source for trusted recipes, I am down to %70 of the total recipes I cooked from it (do you think I am fixated :) ). You would have them already braised, and place them under the chicken before baking the chicken.
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I have a package of chicken thighs defrosting right now, and will definitely add this to our weekend menu. Goin is spectacularly talented…these thighs are great, but I daresay they are not even close to the best thing in her book. It was pretty much the recipe that convinced me to buy Sunday Suppers at Lucques and I still haven’t made it. We’re making this for Valentines Day but we can’t find chiles de arbol anywhere!
I also marinated a portabella mushroom in the same manner as the chicken and put it in one corner of the pan for the semi-vegetarian in the group.
The leeks had a vegetal flavor that hinted of asparagus and spinach, while the crunchy herbed crust on the chicken complimented the smooth texture of the leeks quite nicely.
I want to try this recipe so badly, but I also have a bag of brussels sprouts going spare and I can’t bear the thought of not trying something delicious with them. I have refereed to this recipe many times for preparing incredible braised leeks, but I could have never fully appreciated it until it was completed with the Devil’s chicken!!
I was quite stressed because the recipe looked quite fussy, but I just followed it step by step and everything worked out perfectly!

Definitely a pesky recipe (restaurant recipe, clearly, where things are done in stages) but insanely delicious.
I did the full overnight marinade, and I think the spiciness they add is essential to the recipe. Place the chicken thighs and lemon wedges in a roasting tin, drizzle the oil over and season.
Place the chicken thighs in the pan, skin side down, and cook 8 to 10 minutes, until the skin is a deep golden brown. Top each thigh with breadcrumbs, patting with your hands to make sure they get nicely coated. You’re right, it is a lot of trouble to go to for chicken thighs – but it was definitely worth it, and I’m sure I’ll make it again! Although the preparation wore me out, the incredible enthusiasm from my man about how amazing the flavors were, how moist the chicken was, made it worth the while. Followed it almost to the letter, except: forgot the bay leaves, skipped the tarragon, and used more vermouth instead of wine in the leeks. Perhaps next time I make it I will serve the chicken atop of some crispy potatoes or caramelized cauliflower or something. To check for doneness, piece the meat near the bone with a paring knife; when ready, the juices from the chicken will run clear. Add more olive oil to the pan as needed, for each batch.) Sear them 4 to 5 minutes, until they are golden brown. Add the chicken stock to the pan, and scrape with a wooden spoon to release the crispy bits stuck to the bottom. Swap the chicken stock for vegetable stock and you can even make them amenable to vegetarians.

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