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We’re smoothie fiends all year long, but our cravings go into overdrive during summer. I aim to always keep several types of frozen fruit, as well as fresh fruit, kefir or yogurt or coconut milk, greens (fresh and dried), and other smoothie ingredients like nut butter, cocoa powder, matcha (green tea powder – I learned to love this when we lived in Japan and its extremely high in antioxidants), etc. To challenge myself, I decided to come up with a list of 31 smoothie recipes I’d like to try this summer. Knowing how many of my readers are also smoothie fans, I thought you’d enjoy my list.
Beyond smoothies, the book includes about 70 juice recipes, 45 fruit-based and 25 veggie-based.
High Protein, No Powder – This ebook has excellent recipes for making both smoothies and bars that are high in protein, but without using protein powder. Smoothie freezer packs – Such a great idea to make smoothies even faster and more convenient!

Free Smoothie eBook – From my friend Erin at The Humbled Homemaker, you can get her free smoothie ebook when you subscribe.
Blender babes offers easy and healthy smoothie recipes as well as tips on living a healthier lifestyle blender babes actively promotes wellness and healthier living. One Way to pack in a lot of nutrients, vitamins & have a quick meal is to make a smoothie! For my family, there is nothing like a frosty glass of something smooth and sweet, not to mention how easy it is to use smoothies to add superfoods into our diet. Go ahead and pin this post full of recipe links, so that when you hit that rut like I do, you’ll have new recipes to try!
We used to make them all the time…not sure why we stopped, but I am in a smoothie mood, so we will be making plenty in the next little while. The blender girl super easy super healthy meals snacks desserts and drinks 100 gluten free vegan recipes tess masters on amazon com free shipping on.

Looking for a delicious vegan roasted butternut squash soup recipe try this super easy recipe this recipe is simple and full of flavour it is gluten free dairy. So I’ve found some yummy smoothie recipes on some pretty cool websites, that Im sooo pumped to have found!
You ll be amazed at what your blender can do for you blenders are the it accessory mostly because smoothies are healthy and quick sure but did you know you can. Related post for Blender Recipes HealthyBest Blender Babes Healthy Smoothie Recipes Blender Babes offers easy and healthy smoothie recipes, as well as tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

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