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Two common myths are that eating raw is expensive and that it takes a lot of time to prepare. Vegans can get all their iron from whole grain cereals, grains, legumes, prunes, raisins and green vegetables. Vegans who get enough vitamins and minerals from supplements or other healthy sources can easily enjoy optimum health.
Basically, raw food (sometimes called live or living food) is food that has not been cooked or exposed totemperatures over 118"F. The first rule of thumb for everyone on a raw food diet is that the key to success I that you absolutely MUST get high, quality, dense, easily absorbable nutrition, whether that is from juicing or blending!
Remember, to be a raw food vegan you have to eat raw, unprocessed, nutritionally dense, toxic-free food. I have the privilege to have been invited by my dear friend Robert to be the Raw Food Chef & Holistic Health Coach for this awesome website!
As a raw foodist, you should be more concerned about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) than just about anyone else - and EVERYONE should be concerned.
However, when you eat nutritionally dense raw foods that don't overload your immune system with toxic chemicals and poisonous DNA it cannot digest, the opposite happens - you feel completely satisfied with simple, delicious, nutrient-dense meals, overcome food addictions, feel more energy and enjoy what you do eat much more! Juicing is a one of the easiest yet most powerful things you can do to make a raw food lifestyle easier and more successful – and improve your overall health and wellness. By removing all the hard-to-digest fiber from your nutrient-rich veggies, juicing improves your absorption of all the important nutrients.
New studies demonstrate that eating raw food with live enzymes improves nutrient absorption & anti-cancer benefits! Some spicy foods like broccoli sprouts mustard, horseradish and wasabi contain the enzyme myrosinase which has been shown to significantly enhance cancer-fighting power in cooked broccoli while improving absorption for maximum health benefits.
Unfortunately, most people cook the benefits right out of broccoli, killing the living enzymes and largely destroying broccoli's anti-cancer benefits!
Now, for a raw foodist you can draw a lot of conclusions reading between the lines of this research.
Second, when you eat raw food bioactive components are absorbed in the upper part of your digestive system, showing up i the blood in a matter of minutes.
What most doctors don't realize is that this process, this sacrifice, goes much deeper than just your bones - every cell in your body may be called upon to make a similar sacrifice when your lifestyle, diet and environment are so acid-forming! Forget cooked or gourmet vegan, if you really want to be healthy -raw vegan is the way to go.
Most of these foods cannot be eaten raw and must be cooked, processed, or treated before we can ingest them, and that is where the problem begins.
Also, raw live foods are much easier to digest or assimilate putting less burden on your digestive system and more time into cleaning or repairing your body. Everyone would be healthy and happy and the animals and the planet itself would benefit enormously and be greatful. The raw food diet has a nice wide spectrum as to the different styles of raw food options that are available. At the least-raw end of the spectrum are people who merely try to incorporate more salads and smoothies into their vegan diet (for our purposes, we’ll assume the beginner is already vegan). At the most extreme end of the spectrum (off the chart, really) are more exotic sub-species of raw fooders such as Natural Hygienists (they eat as close to nature as possible with lots of ripe fruit, and without oils, fermented foods, and seasonings like garlic, salt, ginger), Fruitarians (who eat mostly ripe fruit that can be picked without harm to the plant.

Personally, I have been all raw at times, and enjoyed fantastic health benefits, but for the past few years (with pregnancy and then breastfeeding) I also found it a bit difficult to avoid losing too much weight.
Raw vegan diets are rapidly gaining popularity due to the vitality and health benefits it offers, however there is still a lot of confusion about what a raw, healthy vegan diet is. Raw food vegans can enjoy fresh organic vegetables and fruits, seeds, nuts, sea vegetables, legumes, sprouts, grains and nut and seed milks, butters and cheeses. The hardcore raw vegans are the people who know and understand the importance of massively increasing the intake of raw vegetables and fruits to maintain optimum health.
Raw vegan foods are largely low in potassium and salt and the body automatically ends up needing less calcium. A raw foodist is someone that eats 75-100% live, nutritionally-dense organic uncooked and unprocessed food (and drinks pure, live water), enjoying delicious meals that optimize your health by alkalizing your body. I personally prefer green superfood supplement powders which I add to my daily raw smoothies, as well as a good, vegan multivitamin. 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B12 a day are recommended for anyone who does not get enough vitamin B12 from their diet. For vegans to absorb enough iron it is recommended to take about 250 mg of vitamin C when they eat to increase their iron absorption. Ask yourself why toxic, unnatural GMO produce seems to always be on the fast track while healthier, better and more natural fruits and veggies humans have been cross-breeding for centuries can take years to get to market. Even if you are not a vegan, but you want to be healthy and free from diet-related diseases, you can try to find healthier A2 type milk -- currently available in Australia and Europe on a small scale! Since top- quality masticating juicers and high speed blenders are expensive, everyone starting a raw food lifestyle is trying to decide whether to invest in a juicer first or a blender.
In this day and age it is almost impossible to get adequate nutrition just from raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, even organic.
Being a raw foodist requires that you maximize the purity, bio-availability and nutrient density of absolutely everything you consume, both foods and drinks. This is particularly important for people beginning a raw food lifestyle because most of us have poor digestion and incomplete absorption after decades of eating cooked and processed foods. Many studies have shown that fresh or lightly steamed broccoli has all kinds of amazing health benefits. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that people who had eaten raw broccoli versus a group who had eaten cooked broccoli had a sulforaphane bioavailability of 34 percent versus the cooked broccoli group where the bioavailability was only 3.4 percent - about 10% of the raw group. When the broccoli powder was eaten with broccoli sprouts containing myrosinase the enzyme interacted with the broccoli powder producing sulforaphane – significantly enhancing anti-cancer benefits. First, if this works with dead, processed broccoli powder imagine the benefits from eating your broccoli raw, complete with live enzymes and everything else in that nutritionally dense whole food matrix you'll enjoy with fresh, raw, organic broccoli! Animal-based diets which include meat, dairy, and eggs, are responsible for most of our modern diseases and illnesses. When you eat raw and organic there are no toxins to dilute or neutralize so all that water(toxins included) is flushed out.
Foods are considered to be raw as long as they have not been exposed to temperatures above 48 degrees C though some raw foodies suggest lower temperatures work better. It is important to veer away from cooked food of all kinds in order to gain all the health benefits and healing and to be considered to be a true raw vegan. Also, you may like fortified cereals or brewer’s yeast (not strictly vegan since it may have whey).

So we are all basically stuck with a type of milk that is the worst of all, and is responsible for many of today's "diseases of civilization!" A good reason to think about becoming vegan! Juicing, using a slow-speed masticating juicing only, breaks down the cell walls of your veggies releasing the nutrition so you can absorb it like a sponge.
Not only is this cruciferous vegetable high in vitamin C and fiber, it's also a rich source of glucosinolates - which are broken down in the body to form the anti-cancer agent sulforaphane. Other raw foods that contain myrosinase include radishes, cabbage, arugula, watercress, and Brussels sprouts. The thing is -- this is more hard evidence of the importance of an alkaline-forming diet and lifestyle! Score an immediate win for increased nutrition as you replace nutrient-starved crap with healthy raw veggies!
If you’re interested in an all-raw diet, I advise trying it for two weeks or a month and seeing how you feel. Cereals, crackers, desserts and sprouted raw breads can be easily created in a dehydrated form with a simple dehydrator and are now available in stores as well. Living-food diets, fruitarian diets and natural hygiene diets are variations of the raw vegan diet.
But when you do it correctly, a raw food diet is actually one of the easiest, most convenient and most economical ways you can live!
Researchers say that just three to five servings of broccoli a week provide a cancer-protective benefit. Sometimes I throw in a few days of just drinking green juice and another few days I might eat low fat, whole raw foods.
I find that the most successful raw fooders continuously experiment and evolve until they find what works best for themselves and their family, and even then, they never stop experimenting, or mixing things up just for the fun of it. I love the idea that during one season I can follow some low fat raw vegan principles and in another season I can nourish my body with avocados, nuts, seeds, and divine raw vegan desserts.
Most raw diets are typically vegan but some raw vegetarian diets include raw eggs and dairy products.
The spectrum of options actually becomes a powerful tool that allows you to precisely tune your degree of raw based on where you are in your life, health situation, and day-to-day circumstances.
So you might do it until you hit your target weight and then ease off to high raw once you’re in maintenance mode. Congratulate yourself for taking your health into your own hands and trying this incredible diet and lifestyle, no matter which path you pursue on the journey with raw food.
A raw vegan diet can be prepared to gourmet specifications or be a simple and elegant, it depends on what you prefer. So much so that the very idea of living on a diet of raw, uncooked, live food may even seem preposterous! And, feel confident you’re feeding your body wonderfully nutrient-dense raw vegan foods. A raw vegan is different from all of these and is the one generally referred to as a “raw diet”.

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