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When we first put up the garden diet website we had no idea of its far reaching implications. Biotech companies are really hot right now, and they are attracting some of the best and brightest young minds in the country.
I see huge overlaps with things that are happening in the new biotech industries and the scientific aspects of the raw vegan diet. About a year ago what we did was come up with a fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds diet plan.
If, on the other hand, I worked for a biotech company and we came up with a new pill that got the same results that these people have gotten from the Programs, then I would be a multi-millionaire. The whole point of the Raw Vegan Diet is to eat your food as fresh as possible in a format where your body can get the most amount of nutrients with the least amount of work. This program was created by me, Storm, based on my personal experience being a raw vegan for 40 years, and Jinjee, who has had five babies on the raw vegan diet. The difference between doing 75% raw and all raw in terms of strength and energy was shocking to me. My blood pressure is excellent (and they hospitalized me cause it was so high they thought I was going to blow an artery) and my diabetes is not only under control, it is gone. I look much younger, I get complimented all the time and last week I had a guy in his thirties try to pick me up.
All those things I am sure kept me healthier but my kidneys were growing larger and larger and filling with cysts.
I have read every book I could get my hands on about going raw and a year ago I decided to go raw because I believed it would keep me healthier. Anyway, yesterday, I went in for my nephrology exam and the doctor could no longer feel my right kidney and could barely feel my left kidney.

I just had to let you know what I have noticed since I started the raw lifestyle in Nov 29, 2010.
By the way, I had sent you an email on my friend’s husband that has diabetes and I went back to re-read my ebooks that I had printed out from you and Storm and I got all of my answers.
One of the main reasons that people are able to realize what might even be considered miraculous results is because The Raw Vegan Diet deals with our bodies on a cellular level. The Raw Vegan Diet is the only diet in the world that actually reverses chronic debilitating diseases without drugs or surgery.
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This program was designed to give people a menu plan with shopping list consisting of recipes and a basic overview of the principles of how we approach the raw vegan diet as a family. As a result we are seeing a lot of dehydrated foods such as kale chips,В  a host of crackers, a huge amount of cacao products, as well as many different types of super foods.В  The one thing that just about all of them have in common is that they are very expensive, they taste really great, and in the long term they are not really that good for you. I hesitate to post it on the site, as an online friend became jealous, which she shared, and has worked through, I just do not want to make people uncomfortable.
I just wanted to share this with you, and thank you for having this cleanse available, I feel like I have my life back. I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and decided to allow my body to heal naturally. Not only has my health improved but my cardiovascular fitness and endurance has me training with, and keeping in touch with, people 20, 30 to 40 years my junior. I am really enjoying the second e-book I have bought from you – they are so worth it, and so inspiring! It has been a spiritual journey and I know I was led to this life-style so that I could keep my weight that I had lost off.

By going all organic raw and all vegan, My food bill has dropped, I eat less, I am full, I am happy, I am alert and I am losing not only weight, but my skin is firmer and I have so much more energy. I was taking 4 pills each day and after 10 days on the diet I am down to 1 pill each day”. However, as you all know, this week, he has committed to the 7-day Raw Challenge and has been so faithful to it. I ran to the bathroom where my son was showering, and talked to the bathroom door, so to speak, explaining the great news to Caleb on the other side of the door. I have used supplements and losing weights and all kinds of things over the years to try and keep myself healthy so that I won’t have to have a transplant. With a smile of fascination, our 10-year-old son immediately strolled out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around his waist and proceeded to come face to face with Dad about this matter.
We have 2 feet of snow outside, but it is starting to melt, and this weekend should be above 0 temps. I am a 70 year old woman and I can now exercise, where for a while I couldn’t even walk”! I need to connect with some compassionate folks who would give me some guidance to achieve a ongoing 100 percent raw vegetarian diet, so I can someday can regain my health.

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