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But if your dog currently suffers from digestive issues or allergies, the raw food diet may be worth testing out.
Note: This post has been expanded into an ebook with 10В easy raw dog food recipesВ and a guide to raw feeding. Through this post and my ebook, I hope I encourage you to think about switching your dog to a raw diet, or at least a natural, grain-free kibble. Raw, organic dog food is the healthiest food for my dog because it is fresh, whole and unprocessed. Dogs can get by on a heavily processed diet (just like their owners get by), but it’s not the healthiest. To learn more about feeding your dog a homemade raw diet, download my ebook for $9 using the button below. The first twoВ ingredients in a dog’s food should be high-quality proteins, according to Michelle Smith, owner of Natural Pet Center in Fargo, which sells natural dog food and other pet products. From kibble to wet food to raw diets and more, the options for feeding your dog are dizzying. Simply put, a raw diet for dogs is a way of feeding that includes meals composed primarily of raw meat. Many pet owners who feed raw say their pet's health has improved — and in some cases, visibly. Fact: The pet industry is a booming business and is expected to top $52 billion in sales in 2012, according to the American Pet Products Association. Many pet food companies make commercially available frozen raw dog food that's already prepared in the form of nuggets or patties. This type of raw food consists of nuggets or patties that can be rehydrated at mealtime with a bit of water.
Check out companies like Stella & Chewy's for a wide product selection of frozen and freeze-dried raw meals for your pet in yummy flavors like Duck Duck Goose, Surf & Turf, Stella's Super Beef and others. Depending on your dog's size and dietary requirements and the feeding option you choose, the cost of feeding your dog a raw diet will vary.
Tip: The easiest way to prepare homemade meals is to make a batch of food over the weekend for the week ahead and freeze it into individually wrapped patties.
Do keep in mind that your dog's health depends on a balanced diet and a raw diet does not consist of just throwing scraps of table food or raw meat in your dog's bowl.

Simply defined, a raw food diet is when you feed your pet uncooked meat (including freeze-dried products), either prepared at home or made commercially. The raw food diet is more complicated for cats than dogs, because of their more exacting nutritional requirements.
There are many on the internet, and you can learn a lot from the experiences of others, such as where to get safe meat and how much to feed. I held back because I needed to do some research on canine nutrition and the pros and cons of a raw diet for dogs. Next, I decided to feed him a pre-prepared, commercial raw diet for 90 days to see if the diet works for us.
Raw meat, raw organs and raw bones along with raw fruits and raw vegetables if you so choose. Putting your dog on a raw diet can lead to some prettying fascinating results such as increased energy, a shinier coat, smaller more compact stools that don't smell, better digestive function, brighter eyes, an improvement in skin conditions and more. Buying the food, planning out meals and preparing them does take time but it can be well worth it. Frozen meals containing duck, beef, chicken, rabbit and more are readily available in pet shops and online. Complete and well-balanced, the freeze-dried meal option is ideal when you're traveling and when you're short on freezer space.
Nature's Variety also has a complete raw product line, including rabbit, duck, bison and more.
Generally speaking though, feeding raw costs significantly more than a high-quality kibble. If not done correctly, a raw diet could make your dog sick from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Before the introduction of commercial pet food, dogs commonly ate human food scraps, both raw and cooked. While dogs can eat a wider range of foods, cats are strict carnivores and need the proper amounts protein, amino acids (taurine and arginine), fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in their diet. Having your vet on board is also good because he or she will know what to watch for in subsequent visits. Every year that the raw food diet has gained in popularity has seen a rise in the number of dogs forced to have emergency procedures to remove bones that have gotten lodged in their digestive tract.

He ate raw dog food that came in ground, frozen patties including meat, organs, bones, fruits and veggies. Ian Billinghurst, the BARF diet, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food, is one of the most popular raw feeding models today.
But when you factor in the health benefits and overall impact, many pet owners say they end up saving money since their pet doesn't require as many vet visits.
Those against raw food diets think that raw meat has too many unsafe components like bacteria and parasites that could be harmful to your pet.
The most serious risks of raw food diets come from bacteria, pieces of bones, and lack of education on the part of the owner that leads to an unbalanced diet.
Foods commonly found in a raw diet for dogs are raw meat and raw meaty bones (RMBs), organ meat, eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
It's a commitment that can be costly, time-consuming if prepared at home and could result in sick pooch if you're not providing adequate nutrition.
Many pet owners who feed raw combine one or more of the aforementioned feeding options, depending on one's individual budget, personal preference and time. When done correctly, a raw diet can be a rewarding feeding option for both you and your pet. Here are some pros and cons to consider when thinking about a raw food diet for your dog or cat. Dogs need a balanced raw food diet that includes muscle and organ meats, and some egg, dairy, and fruit and vegetable products. Experts believe that it is trickier for cat owners to prepare homemade food for cats, either raw or cooked, because of their particular dietary needs. Advocates say that the health benefits of raw food diets are worth the extra prep time, expense, and learning curve.

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