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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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However, I so believed in the cleanse and the Garden Diet principles that I continued on with it and still am even though the 21 days are up. For instance I discovered that I could not eat the full amount of food suggested for each day – so I reduced the amount and ate much less.
At the same time I started on raw foods, July 3.11, I also started going to the gym mostly working on cardio and stretch.
I’ve come off vegan cooked foods and am back onto raw with renewed enthusiasm because I have some great menus with the support of The Garden Diet Program.
I’m exploring the Vital Force Diet this week, having just completed the 28 day raw transition diet for the first time.
This time I tried the Garden Diet which is a 21 day cleanse followed by a 28 day transition diet. I had been heading down the path to a raw diet for months, but decided to take the plunge after coming across The Garden Diet site via a "raw cleanse" search.
Your recipes have been the starting point for my creative work in the kitchen, and the measure of whether I'm having appropriate amounts and types of foods. RE the 21 Day Cleanse: I don't like dealing with stress, anger, sadness, or even happiness without food.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for this offer to follow your 28 days transition to raw food.
My wife and I went Raw Vegan at the beginning of this year and owe a lot of the success to you and Storm. The Garden Diet menu plan provided simple recipes that I could make as quickly as any SAD cooking mom could fry a pound of hamburger and open a cardboard box of dry noodles and seasoning packets. In one of your e-mails you said something about adults not needing that much food because we're no longer growing. I went vegetarian years ago, then became vegan as dairy and meat began to make me physically ill and finally the next step is raw vegan and I feel better than I have in 2 decades. I have followed and admired Jinjee & Storm for the past 7 years - dabbling in the raw food experience for that long, as well.
I have just been feeling better and better and have realized that my issue with my digestion was cooked food.
This is my first experience with raw food cleansing and, surprisingly, I love all your raw recipes.

4.About 6 months into the raw food program, after initially getting worse, the diarrhoea I had been experiencing for several years stopped and normal bowl movements returned and have been sustained. The raw vegan diet is an amazing catalyst for healthy weight loss and having a fit strong body. Keep in mind that you do not have to commit to a 100% raw food diet in order to enjoy the benefits of raw foods.
AboutJennifer provides Health Coaching & Iridology to clients, teaches Raw Food, Detox & Eating for Success courses, and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. And though vegetarian in my food habits, nothing I did allowed me to lose weight for any significant length of time.
I feel like I have to celebrate December 10, 2012 - the day I committed to the Raw Food Lifestyle! I have found not having to think about what to eat has taken all the stress about going raw for me. I'm looking forward to the next 28 days and committing to the raw lifestyle once and for all. The 21 Day cleanse with the Garden Diet was a practical approach that simplified the challenge of eating 100% raw. I guess it is because I had been eating more raw than cooked for quite a while and have been wanting to go raw and this opportunity was perfect for me. This morning I realized that most likely some of my patterning around food is connected with feelings of 'failure' on some level, set into a cycle which while 'negative' in terms of getting out of it has long term patterning. Getting my daily intake to a manageable level is one goal, and to be doing that in a predominantly raw way is another. My skin clearing was my biggest accomplishment in going raw, doing detox and seeing the results. Also my energy has improved and I have more passion about the things I do in life, something that I never expected from simply changing my food!!В I feel more connected to my body and to Mother Earth. The 21 day & 28 day Programs were my first introduction to raw and since the start I have lost 30 lbs & my husband 20. The recipes were easy to create, tasted delicious and were a satisfying combination of foods.
I did the last cleanse program, stayed 100% raw - still 100% raw- but didn't stay on the cleanse 100% because I was on vacation.

For me it was really about getting a feeling of what being raw for that amount of time would feel like and how my body would react - which was good. I was taking 4 pills each day and after 10 days on the diet I am down to 1 pill each day".
The real transformation happens not from a quick fix diet, but when you make long-term changes and healthy habits for life.
This is what I cried out to God about when I was in despair about my out-of-control addiction to food. He is planning on making some life style changes although he won't be 100% raw, he is excited about what this cleanse did for him and made him realize and he is supportive of what I what to do in the future.
She shook me up a bit and I sort of let go of the 100% raw diet to a 80% raw with occasional cooked meal that I prepare for my husband.
He is planning on making some life style changes although he won't be 100% raw, he is excited about what this program did for him and made him realize and he is supportive of what I what to do in the future. I digest food better and I enjoy the flavors in food more, and believe me there are so many beautiful delicious flavors in simple natural foodsВ – just try fresh tamarind, ginger, jack fruit, apricots, papaya, pineapple or mango and you will understand!
Partly because I was never consistent with exercise and mostly because I always reverted back to my poor eating habits - fast food and homemade Mexican food. The raw lifestyle has been the easiest, most delicious change I have ever made for my health. I can't begin to tell you how easy it has gotten and how motivated I am after feeling so great and seeing results.
I am a teacher and had trouble in the past staying raw due to the hectic schedule but feel so much more in control now. I alsoВ started an elimination diet, and found the cause of my rash to be from an intolerance or allergy to certain chemical food additives.
I really loved that the program not only focused on the diet, but the mental side as well; which is so important for overall health. Then mentally beat myself up for overeating and getting fatter, which resulted in me eating more.

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