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Dogs are man’s best friend since thousands of years and back then feeding a puppy was never a problem like present day situations. Let us have a look about what can be the right foods for building a healthy immune system of a puppy. Back in time it’s said that dogs have been evolving in this planet for about 40 million years and majority of the time they had no human contact. Man has altered the food patterns of all domesticated animals for his own benefit and changed their natural living styles from that of what Mother Nature had intended for them.
A puppy’s growth starts from its mother’s tummy, so that is the time when we have to start giving it the right foods. All these are just reserved for those puppies that are born to play in the wild, whereas domesticated puppies are served with instant canned foods which can neither take the place of natural foods nor provide proper health to puppies. The answer is very simple stop giving your pups processed canned foods instead replace it with raw foods as they would get in the wild. Chocolates are one of the favorite foods of many species especially human beings and we tend to feed our pets occasionally with these sweet treats.
Fats are essential in a pup’s diet but don’t overdo it as too much fat can cause pancreatic ailments and also lead to obesity.
Reduce the sugar and salt proportions in a pup’s diet as too much of either of these can cause liver failures.
Raisins and macadamia nuts should be forbidden from a pup’s diet as they cause kidney failures, depression and vomiting within few hours of consumption. Do not feed leftovers in the fridge to your pups or even adult dogs as they may cause food poisoning. Conclusion: Dogs usually exhibit an omnivorous feeding behavior in their growth stage and for that reason their diet should include proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in ample proportions. From kibble to wet food to raw diets and more, the options for feeding your dog are dizzying.
Simply put, a raw diet for dogs is a way of feeding that includes meals composed primarily of raw meat. Many pet owners who feed raw say their pet's health has improved — and in some cases, visibly.
Making your dog's food from scratch gives you total control over what goes into the food bowl but is the most time-consuming option. Many pet food companies make commercially available frozen raw dog food that's already prepared in the form of nuggets or patties.
This type of raw food consists of nuggets or patties that can be rehydrated at mealtime with a bit of water. Check out companies like Stella & Chewy's for a wide product selection of frozen and freeze-dried raw meals for your pet in yummy flavors like Duck Duck Goose, Surf & Turf, Stella's Super Beef and others.
Depending on your dog's size and dietary requirements and the feeding option you choose, the cost of feeding your dog a raw diet will vary. Tip: The easiest way to prepare homemade meals is to make a batch of food over the weekend for the week ahead and freeze it into individually wrapped patties.
Do keep in mind that your dog's health depends on a balanced diet and a raw diet does not consist of just throwing scraps of table food or raw meat in your dog's bowl. The idea of raw diet for dogs has grown in popularity over the past decade, partly influenced by the Australian vet Ian Billinghurst who suggested that dogs will thrive on raw diet which is similar to what wolves, the ancestors of domestic dogs feed on before they were domesticated. Feeding dogs on raw diet is regarded controversial and the reason for this is not farfetched: the opponents of this diet have always based their argument on the fact that there are no scientific researches carried out to justify raw diet for dogs. While pet food purchased off the shelf have only been around for about a hundred years, animals have always hunted their prey and scavenge for millions of years. Because our dogs do not die immediately from nutritional deficiency as a result of feeding on canned food we have managed to deceive ourselves that commercially processed food is good for our dogs.

However we have only succeeded in creating generations of weakened dogs that are suffering from degenerative diseases linked to deficiencies in nutritional. It should be noted that carbohydrates are not essential to the diet of carnivorous and should not be fed with grains that metabolizes to sugar.
Because commercial dog food requires intense heat during processing, the benefits of the minerals, enzymes and vitamins in the food is already destroyed by the heat. It is also well known that meat based protein is far easier to digest by dogs than plant based protein. Because the soil in which food is grown lacks many of the nutrients our dogs need, therefore fatty acids, vitamins and natural sources of trace minerals must be added.
They do not need fillers, grains, chemicals, artificial preservatives, additives or processed foods. Dog should be feed on species appropriate diet (high in moisture content, low in carbohydrates and unprocessed food). Provide your dog with everything she need (whole food that is nutritionally complete) and keep away those that does not benefit her. The chewing of the raw meaty bone helps to develop the shoulder, jaws and neck muscles of the dog.
Knowing how much raw diet to feed your dog is best discovered when you start feed her on raw. When you transit into feeding your dogs on raw diet, you should observe them closely and try to determine how to feed them based on their bodily response to their new diet. Feeding dogs on raw chicken bones is much safer than cooked chicken bone, which could be a problem for dogs. If your dog tends to swallow food rather than chew, you should personal feed it with the raw diet until she learns how to chew. Provide your dog with the most organic, freshest raw meat and organs; some of which includes pork, beef, poultry, deer, and ostrich etc.
Your need to add some vegetable like carrots and spinach and fruits to the raw diet of your dog; you may either grind it up or deliver it wholesale to your dog.
As dog owners it is our responsibility not to feed our dogs on only commercial food but to also try out our hands on raw diet for dogs. Currently having a puppy and growing it is hideous task were most of the owners are confused about its diet and requirements.
So that simply implies that dogs are used to eating raw and natural foods unlike canned foods which we present in front of them. He did this for getting a better breed or profit or whatever may be the reason, but has surely hindered the natural evolution process. In most of the cases you won’t have that option while you might be getting a puppy directly from its owner or a pet shop, so in that cases make sure you buy one from a breeder who mainly concentrates in giving raw foods. Usually pups feed on foods partly digested and chewed by their mothers in their natural habitats.
If you are doing so then stop immediately as chocolates are poisonous foods for pups (even adult dogs) as they contain theobromine which is a stimulant.
Reasons for such problems are not clear but still it is worth avoiding such items for the sake of your pups’ life.
Consuming sufficient amount of garlic and onions may damage red blood cells in dogs and pups, so avoid including them in their diets.
A diet which includes all these items is called as a balanced diet and of course these also depend on the age, breed, gender and metabolic levels.
Putting your dog on a raw diet can lead to some prettying fascinating results such as increased energy, a shinier coat, smaller more compact stools that don't smell, better digestive function, brighter eyes, an improvement in skin conditions and more.
Buying the food, planning out meals and preparing them does take time but it can be well worth it.

Nature's Variety also has a complete raw product line, including rabbit, duck, bison and more.
Generally speaking though, feeding raw costs significantly more than a high-quality kibble. If not done correctly, a raw diet could make your dog sick from a vitamin or mineral deficiency.
One fact that no one argues it that for animals to experience optimal health they must feed on foods that they are designed to eat. Because dogs are resilient species they have been able to adapt to canned food and have been able to withstand significant nutritional abuse without dying. This means that off the shelf canned dog food will require the lost nutrients to be supplemented. Dogs feeding on raw diets can achieve a much better overall health compared to dog feed on commercial food.
Ian proposed that dogs should be feed with a quantity that is around 2-3 percentage of the body weight of a dog while puppies should feed on 10 percentage or less of their body weight. The puppy’s mother should be fed with raw foods while she is lactating so that her offspring’s will develop with strong immune system and growth.
The bitch makes sure that she eats different variety of foods like organic materials, carcass or raw meat to ensure that her pups are getting proper nutrition. So to tackle this problem make sure you chop the raw meats into small sizes and always give them a balanced diet which includes carbs, proteins, fats, fruits and veggies. Many people recommend on giving processed foods for puppies and dogs, but just give a thought did they eat such foods just before 1950’s.
Ian Billinghurst, the BARF diet, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food, is one of the most popular raw feeding models today. Therefore vegetarians must feed on vegetation for optimal health and carnivorous must feed on fresh prey for their own optimal health. By the time the pups grow up to 8 weeks or so they are ready to hunt on their own and eat the same foods as their mother does.
You can add certain natural vitamin supplements and probiotics along with their diet for easy absorption and digestion process. Foods commonly found in a raw diet for dogs are raw meat and raw meaty bones (RMBs), organ meat, eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Many pet owners who feed raw combine one or more of the aforementioned feeding options, depending on one's individual budget, personal preference and time. When done correctly, a raw diet can be a rewarding feeding option for both you and your pet.
I am not advising to stop all artificial foods but always make or include diets only after consulting with a vet. Any organism best thrives and survives when provided with natural diets and dogs are no exception. To grow a nutritionally and genetically fit pup a natural raw diet is the key to better health and long life. A basic diet of a pup should include at least 70% of proteins and cereal diets are low in proteins. As soon as puppies shed the milk tooth start giving them raw bones as they help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
Bones are a part of their healthy natural diet which helps to clean the bowels and regulate anal gland functions.

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