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Natural cat food recipes are becoming more prominent as feline owners look for alternatives to regular cat food, whether it they are the dry or wet variety. If you think about the natural instinctual cat food diet, it is raw food – birds, mice and other small rodents.
Remember that it is a good idea on introduce a variety of foods to your feline, however only a small bit at a time because you’ll want to get your cat’s stomach used to the different proteins you’ve been introducing. A healthy raw fed cat doesn’t need to go to the vet because they end up with no chronic illnesses, which in turn puts money into your pocket. A cat who is properly fed, is a healthy cat who will stay out of vet’s office – other than for wellness visits. If you have a new Ragdoll kitten, I’d love for you to share them with us as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month.
The news about commercial cat food poisoning cats and causing an endless list of diseases on the mousers, owners have reason to be concerned. In contrast, commercial cat foods are those displayed in pet shelves in your favorite grocery. To set the records straight, homemade cat foods are not the answer to your prayers when it comes ensuring your cat’s health. Although you can choose the ingredients that go into making a homemade cat food, the method of preparing the cat food could still sabotage the quality.
Commercial cat foods on the other hand could cause health problems, but not all commercial cat foods do. Many veterinarians are advocating about wet foods high in meat protein, low in fat, and low in plant-base carbohydrates for cats. A simple homemade raw cat food recipe should consist of ground lean meat with added 5% fat, premium quality bone meal, and some well cooked vegetables like squash, broccoli, and spinach. August 13, 2015 by Pawesome Cats 18 Comments I love a good animal rescue story and once I started reading GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue I just couldn't put it down. August 11, 2015 by Pawesome Cats 15 Comments Once you’ve made the decision to transition your cat to a raw food diet, you’ll need to consider which type of raw food will best suit you and your cat. August 6, 2015 by Pawesome Cats 9 Comments Similar in appearance to its namesake the ocelot, the Ocicat is a designer species created by Virginia Day in Michigan in 1964.
August 4, 2015 by Pawesome Cats 18 Comments Raw feeding is a controversial topic and there are two distinct camps, “for” and “against”.
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For cats, eating the way Nature designed them to eat fosters a myriad of physical, physiological and psychological health benefits that an unnatural diet of cooked, canned, kibbled or even ground raw food simply does not. Cats fed a prey model diet of whole raw foods are compelled to use their jaws and teeth for the purpose they were designed. The cat on the left, which has been fed a steady diet of commercial pet food, has extremely poor oral health. Feeding whole raw meaty bones, which require gnawing and jawing to consume, means that cats must do some work to process those foods with their teeth and jaws before it’s swallowed. By contrast, commercial, and even pre-ground raw foods, require no such time or effort to consume on the part of the cat, and so are generally gulped down, eliminating the necessary time it takes for the stomach to properly prepare to receive the food. In addition, because commercial pet food often contains so many starchy, plant based ingredients like corn, soy and rice, that are completely unnatural for obligate carnivores like cats to eat, it isn’t nearly as digestible for cats as raw food.
Greater bioavailability of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes in raw, unground, uncooked meat, organs and bones. Although a diet of whole raw foods based on Nature's prey model is the most natural, healthy way for our carnivorous companion animals to eat, it is not a cure-all for any or all ailments, nor should it be considered as such.
Cats are, by nature, curious creatures, so if you prepare natural raw cat food for your cat and leave it by his or her dry food overnight, you might find overtime that your cat will go for the raw food (like raw chicken breast, thigh, liver, heart, gizzard, turkey neck).
Pet food companies mass produced these commercial cat foods that comes in various packages. Especially if you’re preparing homemade uncooked cat food, you’re exposing your pet to salmonella, E.
Some premium commercial cat foods in the market do maintain high quality standard and may be even better than haphazardly prepared homemade cat foods. In fact, if you can prepare raw meat products such as deer, beef, rabbit, poultry, and occasional lamb, they’re best for your cats.
Yes, though cats are obligate carnivores, they still eat partially digested plants in the wild by eating the digestive contents of their herbivore prey.
We bring you unique content on a range of cat-related topics to help you care for, understand and enjoy life with your cats. Cats are naturally equipped with strong jaws and very sharp teeth that are made for ripping and tearing meat, and crunching through the pliable raw bones of small animals.
The closer the food we feed is to its whole, unprocessed, natural state, the better it is for our cats. This slicing and tearing action of ripping apart whole, raw meats and raw meaty bones provides a scrubbing and flossing action that helps to keep gums healthy, teeth clean and white, and jaws strong. As a result, the consumption of such manufactured products often makes for unnaturally large, extremely smelly stools that take a very long time to decompose.
One can only really begin to appreciate such subtle, beneficial effects on our feline companions when we start feeding them the way Nature designed them to be fed, and in fact the way Nature herself has been feeding our pet cats’ forebears, as well as their wild cousins, for eons uncounted.
The carbohydrates and other processed stuff in regular dry food is not what nature intended, but it is what society has come to accept. You might find it helpful to cut the meat into tiny bites and ground the bones for the first batches.

And if you’re a concerned cat owner, news about commercial cat food recalls should have come into your knowledge. Some rule of thumb when choosing commercial cat foods, it has to contain the lowest percentage of carbohydrates as possible: 30% or lower. The trick here is to use no more than 10% of cooked, mashed vegetables in your raw cat food recipe. They also have very strong stomach acids, as well as very short digestive tracts that are made to efficiently process raw meat and bone. These conditions are a direct result of eating nothing but extremely unnatural highly processed pet food for an extended period of time.
The increased digestibility of whole raw foods also makes for smaller, less smelly stools that are completely biodegradable. At times they may need to use their paws, or even physically reposition themselves in order to approach their food differently so as to get a better grip on it. The material contained on this website is the author's opinion and is shared for informational and educational purposes only. Natural raw cat food is becoming more prominent as more people look for homemade cat food recipes. And if you’re not too educated about proper cat nutrition and what ingredients contain what nutrients, you could be leaving out some important nutrients for your cat.
The higher the animal protein content, the better; that goes to say the more expensive the commercial cat food, the better it is for your cat. The cat on the right has been fed a diet of whole raw food and as a result, it enjoys excellent oral health. Feeding a prey model diet, which is based on whole, raw meaty bones and carcasses, often reduces or even eliminates this problem. The challenges offered by feeding whole foods provide the kind of mental and emotional stimulation that no commercial or pre-ground food ever can.
Nothing written herein is intended or should be considered as veterinary advice, and the author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse by the reader of this information. I have an IBD kitty and I blame the current cat food industry and vaccinations on her obtaining this disease. The only way to ensure your pet’s health is to learn as much as you can about homemade versus commercial cat food. As to how much you can give in a day, you need to follow proper cat nutrition to avoid another number one killer among pet cats: obesity.
This is because the scrubbing action that occurs when this animal consumes a much more natural diet of whole raw meats and raw meaty bones does wonders to keep its gums strong, healthy and pink and its teeth clean and white.

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