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Stout not only gives these brownies a moist texture but also serves as the base for an unusual chocolate sauce. The Aztecs, inventors of hot chocolate, commonly added chiles to their brew; this version uses cayenne. Most puddings contain eggs for added creaminess, but here, creamy milk chocolate makes eggs unnecessary.

Chocolatey and moist with a light, crisp exterior, this recipe is an excellent showcase for high-quality chocolate. Chocolate with a salty crunch is all the rage these days, so next time you find yourself with a bag of broken pretzel pieces, turn them into these just-right mouthwatering candy clusters. This quick version of a classic French pudding comes together on the stovetop in minutes and then chills during dinner.

Tawny port, with its fruit and caramel notes, bolsters the flavor of the intense bittersweet chocolate.

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