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I mentioned in previous posts how easy and economical it can be to purchase a bag of frozen chicken breasts or thighs.
Salmon Rice Bowl –В This is a healthy and flavorful recipe that you can put together quickly. Whether you are currently a college student, a parent of a college student, a novice or an experienced cook, I truly hope you enjoy the recipes in my cookbook. I love easy meals, especially now that my summer break has come to an end and I am back to teaching full time. Quick cheese bread: This cheese bread is easy to make and looks positively delicious, with big chunks of cheddar cheese throughout.
Baked parmesan tomatoes: These tomatoes are the perfect accompaniment to a meal or make for a stellar late-night snack. Microwave applesauce: Make your own healthy applesauce for a hearty snack by following this very simple recipe.
Yogurt drops: These simple snacks are healthy, easy to whip up, and may just satisfy your cravings for sweets. Eggs for one: Check out this pin for great egg recipes perfect for the single college student. Minute muffin: You can make this tasty blueberry muffin right in your microwave, ideal for students who need to get up and get ready quickly. Chicken casserole: Casseroles by nature are pretty easy to throw together, and this delicious recipe is no exception. Slow cooker enchiladas: Make envy-inducing enchiladas right in your crock pot when you follow this easy recipe. Oven-baked chicken fajitas: This fajita recipe is incredibly simple to make and as an added bonus is also very healthy. Dorm dwellers and inexperienced chefs alike will appreciate these quick and easy microwave recipes.

Microwave tilapia: Turn some tilapia filets, butter, garlic, tarragon, and vinegar into an amazing meal in just four minutes with this recipe. Poverty pasta sauce: This super cheap recipe for pasta sauce can help you make a lot of meals for not a lot of money. Veggie ramen: Ramen is one of the most classic college staples, but you can use this recipe to give your ramen a healthier update.
When she first moved into her apartment, Sandy Bui took time out of her college routine to cook fresh meals. To help inexperienced cooks such as Sharps, Bui said that she works to simplify the steps in each recipe she posts and focuses on making food that can be made quickly. In her latest feature entitled “How to do Thanksgiving in College,” Bui substitutes turkey with chicken in order to make the meal more affordable and accessible to students who are unable to return home for Thanksgiving. In addition to this series, Bui said that if the resources arise, she hopes to bring short video features to her blog that document college students in the kitchen. Whatever her plans for the future are, Bui said that she works to continue being a useful resource to college students and to inspire students to cook.
That way, when it comes to actually making the weeknight meals, all you have to do is throw the ingredients together and you’ll be done in under 15 minutes! I just wanted to let you know that I just created 8 quick and easy breakfast recipes – inspired by your comment! I am trying to change my diet, and I usually don’t want to cook on weeknights because it can be quite time consuming. I’m a college student and don’t have enough time or cooking skills to make real meals so this is perfect.
I love to assemble different varieties of trail mix for easy and healthy grab-and-go snacks.
It’s easy to whip up in advance in your food processor or blender and then store for quick, portable snacks to chomp in between classes.

Many students have limited time, resources, and equipment, and college dorm rooms aren’t really set up for serious meal making. Then you can make one of these fancier college-friendly dishes, including this super easy lasagna. So here are 5 simple, healthy recipes: one for each night of the week — and you only need to buy 5 vegetables in order to make them!
You’ll be my inspiration for my next quick and easy meal post – stay tuned and thanks for following The Picky Eater!
I'm a Board Certified Health Coach, wife, mom, and food lover from the SF Bay Area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty, and fun!
As such, I am truly finding alternative ways to cook and eat easy, healthy and delicious food. And, with a little bit of creativity, I have been finding ways to still have a great meal every night. This post was only meant to give 5 quick recipe ideas for weeknight meals (so it wouldn’t have a super wide variety).
The other great thing is that each of these meals is super balanced with veggies, whole grains and protein, and none of them should run you over ~400 calories.
Read on to learn how to become the envy of all your college friends with these amazing, easy, and delicious recipes. Both will give you simple, fast, healthy meals that are ready in under 30 minutes – and you will have plenty of options!

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