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Here is aВ chicken puff pastry recipe that may be a good idea to offer as an appetizer or starter.В When you have some ready-made puff pastry in the fridge, you are set for a crunchy week. The September edition of Cuisine at Home features a Chicken Pot Pie Casserole with sweet potato and apple topped with a basketweave crust. I like to make pot pies with chicken and vegetables that I have cooked ahead of time so it comes together quickly. Roll out the pastry on a sheet of parchment paper,В which is itself placed on a baking sheet. It looks difficult, but it’s easy to make using frozen puff pastry and a pizza cutter.

I loved the idea of a basketweave crust, and my son-in-law had been asking us to put myВ chicken pot pieВ on the menu, so I decided to combined the two recipes in to a delicious new chicken pot pie recipe. I used the dry poaching methodВ posted on The Kitchn to cook several chicken breasts for this recipe and the Butternut Squash Soup with Chicken and OrzoВ I made the day before. I have never thought to weave strips of puff pastry like this, and especially not over something like chicken pie filling!
The secret to an extra puffy, crisp crust is baking the puff pastry separately from the filling. If your puff pastry warms up when you’re rolling it out or braiding it, just pop it in the freezer for a few minutes to keep it cold.

Ok, I must admit that the puff pastry dough comes from a ready-made trade so if you want to make it by yourself, here’s the puff pastry recipe.
Cook, stirring constantly,В for 2 to 3 minutes until smooth and bubbly. Slowly add chicken broth and half and half, stirring constantly until the sauce is thick and smooth, about 2 minutes. Add more or less half and half as needed. Stir in chicken, potatoes, carrots and frozen peas.

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    Loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin.
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    Flour can be used as a substitute almond flour in many baked phytosterols, vitamin E, copper.
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    Flour can be used as a substitute sunflower seeds.