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Prestige Popular uses the best quality virgin aluminium with stronger lugs and thick base to give your cooker a safe and long life.
Prestige Pressure Cooker 2 to 12 Litre is Aluminum body with Weight valve - Safety release system and Gasket rings for more safe cooking With Instructional Manual and cookbook Pressure cooking the way to go, Cook faster and easier with all the enabled Indian cookers.
Home land's pride takes us way back , when our mom used to cook with cookers the aroma and the flavor of the food that is cooked. Prestige Pressure cookers are one the fastest and easier ways to cook any Indian food, from cooking dal to cooking Rice, idli or pongal .
If you're old enough, your memory of pressure cookers is probably of a steaming, spitting monster of a pot, noisily rattling on the kitchen stove.
The pressure of the trapped steam can be measured in pound of force per square inch or PSI. The gasket or rubber ring is another important component of today's pressure cookers, as this makes a seal that traps in steam and heat and allows pressure to build.
Even in the old days, most pressure cooker disasters could usually be attributed to user error, much like my mother and the beans.
Today's pressure cookers have at least three valves for safety and will automatically release pressure should it build too high.
Prestige Pressure Cooker Nutritional Boost - Due to the shorter cooking time and the fact that food is cooked in less liquid that gets boiled away, more vitamins and minerals are retained than with conventional cooking methods.
Prestige Pressure Cooker Saves Time - Food cooks up to 70% faster in a pressure cooker, making it a wonderful tool for when you come home after work and have to get dinner on the table in a hurry. Prestige Pressure Cooker Energy Efficient - As less cooking time is needed, less energy is needed to accomplish the task. Prestige Pressure Cooker Cooler Kitchen - As all the steam and heat stays within the pot, your kitchen stays cooler than with traditional stovetop or oven methods. Prestige Pressure Cooker Cleaner Kitchen - As all pressure cooker foods are cooked in a covered pot, there are no messy splashes or spatters to clean up and no boiled over foods - ever!
You'll find a variety of pressure cookers on the market, usually ranging from 4 to 8 quarts.
The pots are made of aluminum or Aluminium and like with all cookware, you get what you pay for. Some pressure cookers -- much larger 10 quart or more versions -- are also capable pressure canning (putting up food for future use without refrigeration).
You cannot open today's pressure cookers until you completely release the pressure from the pot - a huge safety improvement over the pressure cookers of yesteryear.
The Natural Release Method - This method means you remove the pressure cooker form the heat and wait for the pressure to slowly release as the temperature of the pot naturally lowers. Quick Release Method - Some pressure cookers have an automatic release method (check the instructions that came with yours).
You can cook most anything in the pressure cooker, although to be sure, it is better suited for foods that require long cooking times, such as soups, stews, beans and grain dishes.
Sear meats and aromatic vegetables like onions for better flavor before closing the pressure cooker and cooking under pressure. A gasket forms an airtight seal which does not allow air or steam to escape between the pan and the lid; the only way the steam can escape is through a regulator on the lid when the pressure has built up (or if the regulator is blocked, through a safety valve).

To seal the gasket, some pressure cookers have a breach lock with flanges that interlock when you turn and tighten the lid on the pot.
Pressure cookers are often heavy because they need to be strong, and because they are often used to sterilise jams and other preserves and their many bottles at harvest time, so are big. Pressure cooking is often used to simulate the effects of long braising or simmering in shorter periods of time.
Some pressure cookers have a lower maximum pressure, or can be adjusted to different maximum pressures; cooking times will vary accordingly. Since pressure cooking depends on the production of steam, the process cannot easily be used for methods of cooking that produce little steam, such as roasting, pan-frying or deep-frying.
Foods are cooked much faster than other methods, (except perhaps the microwave), and with much less water than boiling, so dishes can be ready sooner. Modern pressure cookers employ several safety features, such as a lid interlock and a gauge to indicate when the cooker is pressurized. There is usually a backup pressure release mechanism (a safety valve of sorts) that may employ any of a number of different techniques to release pressure quickly if the primary pressure release mechanism fails (for example, if food jams the steam discharge path). I know I have this memory of pressure cookers and it made me afraid to even try this most useful cooking tool for decades.
I remember one time when my mother neglected a pot of pressure cooked beans while she answered a phone call. But pressure cookers are back, and good news, they are nothing like the noisy, rattling, steam spitting models your mother or grandmother used.
Nonetheless, today's pressure cookers offer a much higher safety level than their predecessors. Different types of pressure cookers have different styles of valves (refer to the instructions that came with yours), but if you hear hissing or noise coming from the cooker, it's the valve telling you to check the pressure.
You can put ingredients in the pressure cooker and by the time you're finished tidying up the kitchen you can have a wholesome, hearty home cooked meal. I prefer the Aluminium models as they are generally higher quality, heavier pots, which always results in better cooking with less danger of food sticking to the bottom.
It's so simple, I use it as often to quickly steam veggies for quick side dishes at dinner as I do for cooking soups and entrees.
Foods have a tendency to increase in volume under pressure so it is important to never over fill your pressure cooker. For instance brown the meat and onions for a soup, before adding other liquids and cooking. When cooking under pressure, less liquid evaporates than with conventional or stove top methods.
Since food cooks so quickly, you will want to add slower cooking ingredients first, then later, release pressure, add faster cooking ingredients, seal and cook more.
If the pressure builds too high, you will want to immediately lower the temperature so it comes down. Because foods cook so rapidly in the pressure cooker, a few extra minutes and they can turn to mush. Depending on what you're making, you will release steam, and therefore pressure, from your pressure cooker via the natural release or quick release methods.

Foods like soups or tough cuts of meat benefit from this extra cooking time, becoming more tender and flavorful.
If the gasket is not in good shape, it will be impossible to attain a good seal and build pressure. The instructions that came with your pressure cooker can tell you more thoroughly what to look for and how to maintain the valves. That said, I often make crisp-cooked steamed vegetables in my pressure cooker - the secret is to only cook them for a minute or two under pressure.
Just make sure you are using enough liquid to create steam (usually a minimum of 2 cups, you can get away with a little less for foods that cook quickly like steamed vegetables). Some pressure cookers are manufactured for camping, and can be as low as 1208g for a 4 litre pot. Less energy is required than when boiling, steaming or oven cooking, particularly if multiple foods are cooked at once. Early pressure cookers equipped with only a primary safety valve were at risk of explosion if poorly maintained, allowing food residues to contaminate the release valve.
Most cookers have a mark stamped on the inside that lets you know when you've put in the maximum amount. After that, a good rule of thumb is to increase the cooking time by 5% for every 1000 feet higher than that 2000 foot base. If your pressure cooker does not have an automatic release method (and don't worry if it doesn't -- many do not), it's still simple to quickly release pressure.
Over filling your pressure cooker can result in food particles getting lodged in the valves, which can result in pressure not being released. Expensive Aluminium pressure cookers are made with heavy, three-ply, or copper-clad bottom (heat spreader) for uniform heating, since Aluminium has lower thermal conductivity. Modern pressure cookers typically have two or three independent safety mechanisms, as well as some additional safety features required for UL approval or the equivalent in other countries, such as an interlock to prevent opening the lid while internal pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure.
If the internal temperature (and hence pressure) gets too high, the metal plug will melt, resulting in release of pressure.
However, if you have a standard electric stove, it's helpful to have one burner set on low heat while you build pressure in the cooker on another burner over high heat. All you have to do is move the cooker from the stove to the sink and run cold water over the topside of the pressure cooker until the all the pressure is release It should take less than a minute. When the water reaches the boiling point at atmospheric pressure it begins to boil, but since the produced steam in the pressure cooker cannot escape the pressure rises, consequently raising the internal boiling point. Once you reach the desired pressure, move the pot to the burner with the lower heat in order to maintain the pressure at the desired level. Once the pressure increases to the designed amount above air pressure a relief valve opens, releasing steam and preventing the pressure from rising any further.

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