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Follow your instincts (intuitive cooking!) and use whatever amount of green veggie, tomato, onion and seasoning that you like.
Continue to cook for 3 – 5 minutes (gently lift the omelet to look for a nicely browned color). I invited a friend over to my house to give her a rice and pressure cooker lesson and we made a video of the experience. Just yesterday I decided to reheat the lentils I made in my rice cookerВ earlier in the week;В В I wanted to add a grain to the lentils so I grabbed a box of bulgurВ and whipped this up in no time. Toast the bulgur in the pressure cooker (uncovered) for just a few minutes (be careful not to burn it).

I have said repeatedly, to anyone who will listen, that the pressure cooker is a game-changer for new vegans. A note on equipment: We tested the recipes below in three different brands and types of pressure cookers (see our testing notes here) and found that, for a beginner, we'd suggest a midpriced stovetop model from Fagor, which can be used to sear meats and has helpful gauges and a pressure quick-release.
After postingВ The Top 3 Reasons Why I Love My Pressure CookerВ В my food editor asked me to participate in a Twitter Chat about cooking vegan with a pressure cooker – you can find some tips in the chat transcript. Maybe that's why most cooks we know have never used one, despite seeing them on shows like Top Chef, where they shrink braising down to a manageable TV time. I turn to these two books constantly: Great Vegetarian Cooking Under PressureВ and The New Fast Food В (both theВ print and electronic edition).

To conquer our fears, we bought a few of the pots for the CHOW Test Kitchen and began cooking.
And while we knew they were fast, what really won us over was the food we cooked in them: It tasted just as delicious as if we'd simmered it for hours.

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